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I welcome you this morning to my energy. I am Montusa, and I come to you from the Pleiades. I am the forefather of what is coming for all of you on earth. I am here to speak with you about when it is time for the onslaught of the ruination of the life on earth to be forever stopped it will be in the blink of an eye, as has been so often prophesied in your messages and other writings for so long.


It is a for-coming of the ease in which there will be the transition to a peaceful way of life and the beginning of your new mission in this universe. Yes, I say this because it is so close now to that new way of being that there are many of you who are awakening to that truth. It is at such a point now that there will be nothing that can stop things from turning in the direction of Peace, Joy and Love in every nuance of living on earth and within. There will be an opening that will be presented to all of you on the surface to explore within this beautiful, bountiful planet and to see the truth of what has been being told by many messengers.


One of those messengers I speak of is Zaraya, who has been working steadfastly over the past few years in the interest of becoming the spokesperson for the promise that awaits all of you when you are able to welcome back the life that has been living within this planet, in Inner and Hollow Earth. It is a ‘going on’ process that has been being brought to the surface, in recent times more than before. There is reason for that and it is in keeping with what has been being told over the decades and before of what the truth is about why and how the ones who have been living there came to take their places in guardianship over all of their family on the surface.


Yes, Zaraya’s father, Zorra, is one of us who came to this planet from the Pleiades and realized that his journey was to be within this earth until it is known that there is more than meets the eye with this planet earth. As more of the truth is coming to the surface there is a great fortitude that is building over the surface. It is in keeping with the wonder that shines forth from so many of you now. That is the cornerstone of what will be coming forth in the coming evolutionary experiences here on and within earth and on out into the homeland of this universe.


I will come to you from time to time through this one, and as the times go on we will be discussing what it is that you are creating for your new lives on and within earth. We will speak of how that will be inspiring you to the welcoming that will be coming to you from out in the universe. As the next times come and go you will be creating so much that will answer questions about some of the new information that has been coming in the past several years.


One of those pieces of information that will be more thoroughly brought forward is about the Mushaba energy, which is now known as the Love Essence of Mushaba. It is an energy from which the origin of this experience on earth was created by the original idea from The Creator. It is information that you will find is in tune with all of the other information that has been brought forward and lived for so long. As more and more of you have tuned in to your own inner knowing, you have come to realize that there is nothing more powerful than that which is within. Once you go to that inner ground of knowing then there is nothing that can dispute it or take it to a level of forgetfulness again. That idea of non-remembrance has taken its course and now it is time to go on from there in full remembrance and take it to the non-limits forever and always.


I take my leave of this message for now. I tell you all that I am so pleased to be able to now introduce myself to you and to be in perfect harmony forever and always into infinity and the beauty of our beingness as family. Love is all there is.


Thank you dear Montusa,

Much Love, Nancy Tate