July 23, 2014                


Wake up Call: Hatonn, July 23, 14


I am here today to tell you of something that is in the works in the far corners of this planet. I am Hatonn once more, and I am going to fill you in on one of the occurrences that have taken place in preparation of the times of focus that you are going to participate in.


There is a far corner of the western part of the globe that carries many new species of life. It is well protected and it is far from the reaches of the ones who would seek to destroy or play with it in the interest of sporting. These three major species of new life are acclimating themselves to the earth energies. They are in turn allowing the outstanding issues of earth to be clear in the area where they are in readiness to flow forth and flourish the rest of the planet with wondrous energies. The other, smaller ones, of the species are there to accompany the major ones to their destined purpose and then they will go on to their own place in the universe from which they will then re-accustom themselves to their home planet.


The three species I speak of that are in the place of being an influence on the energies that are to be in place in the coming times, are what you may call as being part of the squirrel family. They are similar in the way they live yet they are larger than the present squirrels and they have many different ways of sharing what they contribute to the planet. Each one of the three species has its own way of flourishing on the earth, and they will be welcomed by all of you when the time comes for them to be welcomed back into your ways of life. Yes, they will be recognized by all of you who are here on the planet once it is in full ascension into the fifth dimension, and I speak of the fullness of the levels of the fifth dimension.


You will all recognize them and you will know immediately what to call them, for that will be your indigenous way of communication. You will be able to flow back into your inter-relations with them and the way that you are all wondrous examples of how it is to live in harmony with all of life. You will be able to communicate with them and to see what it is that each of you is adding to each others appreciation of life. You will have much to share with them. The duality experience you will be looking back on, only as a means to share what it has brought to you in the evolvement process, is something that all of life will be benefiting from.


As you come to this reconciliation with these species, you will know that it is but one of the species with which you will be having a reunion. You will remember that there are many ways in which the evolvement will be gifting all of life with the treasures that have come from the duality experience. You will realize that once you have reveled in the new phase that is being set in place in your time of rest and the appreciation of your ascension, there will be a new way of expression that will carry you forth in the next way of living in harmony.


I have given you one of the new ways that life on earth will be expressing in your lives. It will be something that will gather you all together in a way that is only once in a while felt here now. What is coming for you all, once all of the chaos is filled with Light and love and transformed into the energy of total and complete Love, you will then be in the grand state of existence that you are destined to enjoy. From there you will be experiencing so much more than I have given you a hint of in this message. This has been a peek into the way life will be for you in the coming evolvement of earth and all of life on and within it. Gaia is celebrating already with you on the level that you are in the path of creating for yourselves. We are all here to celebrate together and it will be a treasure and a songfest that will ring through the universe and on out into infinity.


I am so pleased to be with you all and to know that we will all dance through the coming times and sing into the stars and beyond in the evening of this day and on into the tomorrow of yesterday.  Love to you all!


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate