July 12, 2014               Click here for Printable




It is I, Hatonn speaking with you today on this full moon event. It is a time in which you are releasing many of the old ideas, thoughts and energies that have taken residence within yourselves. It is time for you to relax and allow the freedom that is inherent within all of you to come forward and speak to you in a way that is in comfort, understanding and joy. With this new feeling of freedom you will be able to see so much of that which has been in hiding for so long. It is a matter of you allowing the openness to pervade throughout all of your lives and in the name of Love, Peace and Joy through all of the coming experiences that you bring to your lives.


As we have watched you and guided you throughout this existence in humanity, it has been most interesting and at the same time, informative as to how far away from oneself anyone can wander. When the events that you have brought to your lives have etched themselves in the energies that record your experiences, it has been a wide area of what it is that you can bring to yourselves that is on the other end of the Love spectrum, and all in between. When you get to the place where the circle comes round to connect with the origins of your beingness, it will be the unitedness and blending of what you began with, as well as what you have brought to your existence and experience. How it has affected you and all of existence will be seen, and benefited from. It will be the reenactment of that which you set into motion when you came back to this planet after visiting it in the future of what it could be.


What you did then, when you saw the potential for what you could bring to the journey, you saw also that it was something that was beyond your scope as to what you could bring to your journey, and that of the rest of the universe. As you see now at the various junctures of your existence, the support that you have been given, and have given others, you are able to realize the power that you all have to go to the depths of beingness. You can see how you can then arise in a way that can be a sudden return to the Love that is inherent within each and every one of you.


We are here this day to celebrate with you the release of that which has served all of existence and yet has seemed so much out of harmony with it all. Now you are at the threshold of being able to see the truth of what you have created, and how you have brought such a gift to all of us. It is a matter of realizing the roots of all of this, and the outcome that is at your fingertips and toes in all that you have accomplished.


I invite you now to allow yourselves to feel the energy of this full moon and to know that you are part of the energy that it is emitting forth. As you do this you will open up so many locked doors to the truth of what you have been involved with and what is ahead for you. As this all comes clear to you, and you are able to see more clearly the energy that you will be walking in from now onto forever, then you will be able to forgive all that has seemed to have been out of harmony and based in fear. You will see the connection to what has been given through various sources as ways to release that which you feel has a hold on you, through the healing methods that are being experienced, and through the intuitive measures that you have been and will continue to follow.


It is a phase in the journey that is taking a different road. It is a dance back to the real you, and the promise that you gave to yourselves at the beginning of these travels. It is time for you to feel the freedom and the Love that is here for you to feel at peace and in joy with what is all around you. Surround yourselves with the feelings from within of the acceptance of all that is in your understanding. In that way you will be able to follow the road to freedom in a way that has no encumbrances. It will be a road of Love, and that about says it all, does it not!? My utmost Love is with you always! I feel yours at all times. We are indeed One!



Thank you so much dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate