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Wake up Call: Star Elders, Alduman July 07, 14


We are here today to see the wonders that you do every day and through the times that are upon you. We are here now because it is our time to accompany you through the coming times. This one is here to introduce you to us; we are the Star Elders who come to you from the Inner Earth and Hollow earth. We accompany all of you through this transitory time on your planet and beyond. We came here from the universe, and have been here within since this all began on this planet.


First I will speak for the group of us who are now with you. We come to you directly from the Mushaba energy in the first universe. I am Alduman, and I speak in behalf of all of us Star Elders. We come in the directive of the Creator to assist you through the times in which you will be transitioning back to your higher selves and the newness in which you will find yourselves.


What has taken place in this episode of duality is that you have experienced a whole new paradigm of existence. You have crossed many boundaries that you all put into place in this experience. It is time now for the transition to open up and allow you the access to the new way of being and the essence of the Love energy that is within you that speaks of the Mushaba energy that is in place now.


I will give you a piece of the news that you have created for yourselves and how it is to be followed through your own inner guidance. It is a matter of you being able to tune in to the knowing that you have in place for what is to come in your new living of the Light. You have created a paradigm in which you will be exploring not only the outer units of the universal existence, but you will also see what it is on your inner plane that is in usage for this very journey that I speak of. You are at the point where the process is directing you to the knowing of what it is that you have been in the process of building for this next step in your journey.


As the pieces come into view on your inner scale, you will be able to decipher the feelings and inspirations that come to you. You will realize what they are saying and how they are assisting you in the new way of life on earth and throughout your explorations of this universe that was created for this purpose. It has only just begun as so often is spoken and sung by you. As you step forth in the various ways that you will be choosing, you will discover the many points of power that you have in place and will be able to use in the next positions of expression that you will be involved with.


Right now this message is for you all to see and hear about us and to ready yourselves for our interaction with you. This involvement will be a very gradual thing, and as we make ourselves known to you it will be a homecoming that you didnít even know you were anticipating. However, it will become clear to you as you progress through the next months into the new years of expression that you will be making.


It is a time for all of you to look forward and see what it is that you are creating in the moment and how it will affect the next one and on into the next and the next. It is a way that you have been preparing for, and it will show you what you will be creating in the power that you have that involves the freedom that you are regaining for yourselves. The Love that you are is to be regarded in a way that you will find is the most incredible energy. It is the wonder that is created in the essence of the Love that you are, that will be at the center of your beingness. It is the power of selfness that you will rediscover. You will be able to see what the choices that you have been making have added to the expression of who you are and what you are capable of.


I leave this message now with a great deal of Love. I see the potential that you are already tapping into and creating more of with each step. We shall be back in the times to come welcoming you to our world and watching as you create your own expression of that world in your own, creating it all in the Oneness which it already is. Go forward in peace, joy and Love, and as you do we dance and sing alongside you.


Thank you so much dear Star Elders,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


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