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History of The Eagles

The Story of an American Band


I have always loved the Eagles’ music. I never saw them perform in their early years, or after their return to the world of music in 1994. Then in 2005 I bought myself a birthday present. It was their Eagles Farewell Tour 1 DVD set, and as I watched it I felt like a teenager thoroughly involved with the music and the joy of being able to see them for the first time.


Now I have their newest DVD 3-disc set, History of the Eagles; I watched it over the course of 3 nights. Before I watched the 3rd one I had the feeling that it was going to tell me something. Sure enough, it was one of their concerts from 1977. As I was finishing it I realized what it was that it had told me.


During their beginning years The Eagles went through times of shifting into and out of different members of the band. They brought a great deal of controversy upon themselves until finally they split up. The music they had been bringing forth was so powerfully wonderful and so appealing to people, that even for the 14 years they were no longer a band, their music was continually played and loved by the masses.


When they finally found the way to get going again they followed their instincts and it all happened in such a way that new members joined the two who had brought the band together in the first place. They just could not, not do what they loved. They had to live their life with that which they loved, their music.


When they came back, it was like picking up from where they left off. It was a natural thing, and as they brought forth new music it matched the times. Along with that they brought the music that would never die, that would always be loved, for it was a representation of what they had in their hearts and souls.  They went forward from that and brought the newness of themselves, and the people loved it as they had before.


This is what is taking place now with humanity. As we pick up from where we left off when we went into our individual expressions of that which we explored outside of ourselves in our duality, we are bringing to each other that which we love. We never lost it completely. We are in harmony and joy, with a tendency toward bringing and sharing what we love to everyone.


The music brings such a joy to those who listen and love it, and it inspires them to what it pertains to in their lives. The music of truth and love, the resonance in which we bring ourselves back together, is music to our ears and to all of existence. We are reconciling with those who brought their own inner knowing of what it takes to bring the essence of love to what we do. That is what the story of the Eagles band has told me. It is the representation of what we are doing right now. It sings to me of what we are doing now that represents the harmonic of perfection in expression that all of us love.


A collection of some of their ‘song titles’ just about sums it up:


In ‘The Long Run’ it’s been worth it. ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ I have this ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’, except that I live my life ‘One Day at a Time’. ‘One of These Nights’ I will look into those ‘Lyin Eyes’ and say I forgive you. Some of ‘The Boys of Summer’ were told ‘You Belong to The City’. So they are ‘In The City’, experiencing ‘Life in The Fast Lane’, and in a ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ too. 


It’s been a ‘Tequila Sunrise’ or a ‘Sunset Grill’. Most of the ‘Dirty Laundry’ is ‘Already Gone’. It was thought to ‘Take it to The Limit’, and then just ‘Walk Away’. They knew that it wasn’t ‘Wasted Time’.


Then there came a ‘New Kid in Town’. It was a ‘Silent Spring’. Remember that ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive’. When you ask for ‘No More Cloudy Days’, when you forgive the ‘Hole in The World’, when there’s no more ‘Heartache Tonight’ we’ll all ‘Take it Easy’. We’ll know that ‘Life’s Been Good’. The ‘Desperado’ will have retired to the ‘Hotel California’. He’ll see that ‘All She Wants to Do is Dance’, and that ‘Peaceful, Easy Feeling’ will return for good.


So fly like an Eagle and know that you are singing a song of eternal Love.