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Today I bring you a great deal of love and joy. I bring you a new idea of what to expect from our forces in the heavens. It is a matter of seeing what is inside of you and then transporting that image to the stars, the clouds, the starlit skies, the utter blueness of the space above you.


As I transmit these words through this one I do so with the utmost joy and peace for what is coming is the utmost in what it means to take charge and create your world in a way that is not only to your liking but to your utter surprise because of its beauty in compliance with what you desire for your world. It is a matter of it going beyond the boundaries you are used to thinking of, and taking it to the limits of what have been your ideals, and allowing it to suspend in space for a moment before taking off into the infinite ideal of what it is based on.


Yes my dear ones, it is based on what you have not even thought of. It is being created in your minds and hearts all at once, and as it explodes forth it is being manifested in the ethers awaiting your compliance with it. By that I say that when you are at a place in your way of thinking that will allow the splendor to come forth, it will be your way of being in an instant.


Yes my dear ones as they say, “You ain’t seen nothin yet!” It is all coming into manifestation in a way that bespeaks what the collective thoughts have created. When it becomes your world that is surrounding you in your allowance to see it, you will understand what I am saying. In this way you are, now as I speak, looking inward as you read these words and seeing your own interpretation of what they say. You are now preparing the lighted way to be able to see what it means in your outer eyes as well as your inner feelings.


I tell you this, my dear friends, because you have been waiting so long for what you have been asking for. You have given so much energy to that which you desire and intend, and now it is coming into the fruition of that which you have been setting forth as reality. As you do so you create that which will be in the making as each of you tune in to what is being broadcast on the inner planes of existence in your world. As this comes into being in your world, you see the results as being the utmost accuracy as you believe more and more in your ability to manifest that which you see as the outcome of your abilities.


I am Hatonn this day, and I give you these words to once more explain to you some of the facets of creation that work to bring forth the changes that come about through your thinking, your feelings, your knowing, your ideas of self-worth, and all of the ways in which you approach the creation of that which you live to the utmost. We know how it can be to slide back and forth when there is no instant manifestation of that which you desire, and so we wish to show you the many factors of manifestation that are controlling your creation. As you put them all into place within your knowingness you will see what I am saying and you will realize even more the power you have to bring forth that which you love.


And that brings me to the final and most powerful word that I have brought to you this day. It is the Love that you feel throughout all of the process. It is the word that represents the most powerful energy of existence, for it is the Creator of existence, whether it be a small degree of it, or the utmost strength of it, it is the same when it comes forth in manifestation. Yes, Love is the Oneness of it all. It is the energy that is energy. It is the bottom line in all else; it is all else, as well as it is Itself. Without Love there would be no existence. Love is all there is and anything that is created, is created from the degree of Love that it represents. So go for the complete, the ultimate and that is what you have, who you are, what you see and experience.


Go forth now from these words of Love from me to you, and see and experience the world you create in your utmost power of Love, Joy and Peace.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate