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Hi Everyone,
Horus tapped me on the shoulder today in the midst of my preparations for my trip to Maine. I'm flying to Maine tomorrow for two weeks to be with my mother, who has circled the sun almost 91times in this lifetime. I look forward to our family reunion.
What Horus told me I am happy to bring to you. I know that in many places the chemtails continue. However, here over Tucson we have seen only one chemtrail in over two months, and that one was on the horizon over the area of the wildfire in the Huachucha Mtns at the time. It didn't stay around long.
I'll be checking in from time to time while in Maine. I will have my laptop with me.
Love you all!




Dear ones on the surface, I Horus am here today to tell you of an advancing movement that is going to interrupt the ideas that the illuminati have implemented on the moon. It is well known through certain channels that there is life on the moon and that there has been for eons. In fact once it was created from the splitting of Tiamat it has had some form of habitation.


One of the things that are taking place on the moon as I speak is the continuation of the intervention that began 50 years ago by the Galactic Federation and other members of our cosmic family. There has been much intervention in place on the moon that the illuminati from earth have been implementing in order to assure their power place on the planet and to seek control over weather patterns and cosmic affects on earth.


This is coming to an end dear ones, because through their haste in the past few years to bring to their ideal the effects they are having on earth, they have become lax and have caused some leakage of a multitude of chemicals and dangerous energies to filter out into the cosmos beyond the atmosphere of earth. Because of the effect this can potentially have on the rest of the universe our family in space has been intervening and stopping the leakage. They are not only stopping it, they are keeping a close eye on what is being done and as they see that measures are needed to shut down the equipment that has been being used, they do so.


There has been use of the equipment on the moon to further the poisonous effect that the chemtrails have had on the earth. This is being shut down as I speak. The illuminati are no longer able to monitor what takes place, for many of their people have been taken off the moon and delivered to a planet that is being readied for all of the ones who refuse to acknowledge what they are doing and how far they have strayed from source.


As you realize dear ones, we have been unable from within the earth and from out in the cosmos to do all we are capable of doing to stop what the illuminati has been doing. That is because of the directives that have been in place since time began. Now these directives are being compromised, and we are beginning our process of shutting the destructive forces down, due to their inability to be able to control that which they have created. It is beginning to backfire on them, and we are in place to see to it that nothing adverse happens to the universe because of it.


There is a beautiful loving universal home out there awaiting your release from the bounds of duality. We are monitoring from inside the earth and from throughout the universe these last crucial times of the duality of humanity. We are seeing more and more that you are awakening to the powers that you have. We see that within a very short time you will be a majority on earth who are able to realize that life as you have known it is not the reality that is necessary to lead a wonderful, empowered, free life. You are opening up to the power you have within to create your world in the way that is in harmony with all of existence.


As this intervention by our cosmic family takes place you will find more and more that you are experiencing the release of all that cellular memory that has been holding you back. As that happens I suggest that you tune in to the wonderful music, energies, and Truth that is available to you all over the globe. Listen more and more to that inner voice that whispers and sings to you of your power to create freedom in your life. You are the true powers of this world, and you are awakening to the realization of what that means. We are seeing it all over the world, in small communities, in large cities, in every home, every village, and every heart. We see it; the potential is there. All you need do my sweet ones, is to awaken to that and then you will know that you are able to move mountains to create peace in a moment and to love all that is in existence. There is nothing more powerful that love expressed.


As I close I remind you that there will still be some conditions on the planet that will herald the cleansing of Gaia. This you will be able to withstand in the ways that you have chosen. We are here for you, no matter what choices you make. You are never alone, ever. Our family has never deterred from your side, through thick and thin. We have people on the surface who have been with you since time immemorial, and more and more we are making ourselves known to you. The light is on in the window and we are welcoming you home with loving arms. We led you to the gate and you have opened it. Now is the time to be ready for the celebration, for you have earned it.


Peace Be With You. We are in joy and readiness for you to say to us, “Nice to be home again. Let’s get on with life as it really can be.”


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate