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Hi Everyone,

I bring you today a new message from Horus, and as well I bring to you the newest creation I have that comes from my heart and joy of singing. You can go to http://treeofthegoldenlight.com/Slideshows/pp_sldshows_intro.htm to click on the link to the video “We’ve Only Just Begun”. I thank The Carpenters for the beautiful song of which I bring my slightly revised version and the slideshow that I created with it. The message in the song to me was so timely and it was my creative pleasure to match the words with the images. Indeed, we have only just begun to live, white Light and promises…….and the song goes on.







My dear ones, this is Horus once again, and I am here to share something with you. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you feel to ask, “What am I doing with my life, and how much longer am I going to be sitting doing nothing?” It comes when there is something that is awaiting your discovery, and the anticipation of it can bring frustration in these changing times. As this suggests it is time now to sit and allow the thoughts to inspire that which is coming for you. It is a matter of being able to accept what it is as something that is pertinent to your life right now, even though it may not seem to have relevance to the times.


My dear ones do not despair, for in these times we are opening up to many things that have long lain dormant, and sometimes it helps to get through the outflow of these memories in order to cleanse and bring yourselves to a lighter state of being. As these memories flow on out your beingness is bringing to your awareness diversions that can be very creative and of much help for you to allow the old memories their release in order that you do not attach your present state of being to that which may feel so familiar. It is a matter of filling that space with something that is of today’s creation and that brings you joy and peace of mind.


We see so many of you are being bombarded with old thoughts and ideas that have only to do with old stuff that you are working through. That is why it is wonderful for you to give honor to the things that are inspired for you to be involved with, even if they don’t seem to be something that can unite you with the rest of humanity in a healing grace.


Believe me it is a wonderful healing grace to involve yourself with something that is creative and inspiring, something that brings feelings of joy, peace and love. That is the entry into the new you and the new way of being. It is a way for you to rise above the old stuff that may be tugging at your sleeve and whispering for you to pay attention. When this happens it will empower you to thank it for having served you for sometime and for making itself known once more as it finds it’s freedom on out into the newness of re-establishing it into a whole new energy suited to the present moment.


That is what the energy of the Mushaba Force within you is saying. It is reminding you of what you have within every cell in your body and soul. It is the way to flow through the changes that are designed to bring to you a whole new way of being.


Nancy has answered one of those inspirations within herself, and she brings to you today the creation that she was inspired to. You can go and watch/listen to her newest creation, and you can then allow what comes to you in the next minute, hour, day or anytime to take you on the journey of your next creative urge.


You are unlimited in your ability to bring into being that which you are inspired to. Follow that inspiration and see the world of your dreams unfold in front of your eyes, deep within your heart and resonating through your soul and spirit. We are all one, and this is the time for you to live that fully and in joy, love and peace.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate