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Hi Everyone,
Bob and I awoke with heavy energy today and couldn't get beyond it, or understand what it was. After sharing that with a dear friend, he said he felt the same way. He suggested that it was calling for a Wake up Call. I agreed and so I tuned in. Here is what came. So wonderful to hear from Hatonn again.




I am here today to share something with you, something that is plaguing many of you on this day. I am Hatonn and I come to visit you once more with the invite of this one who feels the tremendous energy that is bombarding this planet as we speak.


There is a great deal of energy coming out right now from the Central Sun. As it does this, it is responding to the atmospheric pressures that are in place and whirling around the universe. Yes, the whole of the universe is being affected in varying degrees depending on the infrastructure of all of the bodies in the universe.


As we take on the energies of this waving emergence of the coming energies of ascension, we do so with the onset of the new balance that will come from this. We do so in the energy that is to come from the onset of the planet, or ship, as some would call it, that is coming closer to earth. It is what many have called Nibiru, and what others have called Mu. In reality it is many names throughout the universe, depending on the vibrational language with which it is encountered.


This is the way of it in the universal language. It is a matter of how something vibrates and relates to the other bodies of light. It is a matter of being able to comprehend and to interact with one another in a way that can be measured and understood. That is why the ones from Inner and Hollow earth see it as Mu. That is what it is to them, for it is their ship that brought them, through their intent, to the surface of the earth, and as well to the Inner and Hollow Earth.


Yes, when these beings first came to earth, earth was a place of higher more intense vibration. I say intense because it was incoming with the energy of the destiny that was to take place on the surface, and within as well. It was to bring to the universe all of the encumbrances that it has brought about and then to return to the lightness and harmonic balance that it is headed for now. The purpose of this is to be able to experience all of what you might call the Karmic Destiny that can come from one thought of intent.


What we are experiencing right now is the emergence of the energies that are opening up to the memories that are stored within Nibiru/Mu. It is speaking to us now, for it is close enough for us to hear what it is telling us. We are seeking to understand what is being broadcast, and in so doing we are comprehending only portions. Those are the parts that resonate at this time only with the resonance of what is being drawn one to the other.


It is a matter of being able to feel the same energetic response of what is taking place on earth right now to what had been talking place in other times when Nibiru was this close to earth. It is awakening not only in the earthly memories, but also in the cellular memories of all of you. Yes, that is what you are feeling right now. Memories of what took place with both Nibiru and earth when it was this close at other times, other rotations through this solar system.


I suggest that you take a few moments and allow these energies to dissipate though your feelings and knowledge of what is taking place. Realizing that it is memory that you are tapping into can help you to change the way it is affecting you, and in response, all of the people on earth. As these feelings change to those of an inner calm, peace and joyful love, you will affect the rest of the people on the planet because you are all inter-connected, whether all on earth know it or not. It is a matter of being able to change, with your intent, the response that you have to what is not the Truth of the moment; it is memory. You can turn it all around and bring in the calm love that is what is preferred, and what is being called for at this time by your inner Spirit.


As you all do this it will change for you in the twinkle of an eye. You will find the inner peace and the feelings of love and harmonic peace. From there you can go about your day and find the new feelings emerge that were also on Nibiru and earth at that time. As is now on earth and on Nibiru, not all was/is in disarray. There is much wonder on earth right now that is peaceful and joyous, filled with love. Tune in to that and you will find right away the change will come over you, and it will be supported by all the others who do so.


This is the way it is going to be dear ones. It is headed for a time of instant harmony and love in the face of any adversity that may arise. That will bring about an emergence from Inner and Hollow earth that will be so revolutionary as to bring down the walls of Jericho in a way that is to be celebrated. It will be a peaceful rebuilding that will come about, and anyone who chooses will be here to take part in that rebuilding. You have that power and the ability will bring you great joy and peace of mind. You will exercise the empowerment you have and the freedom to create your world the way you intend and desire.


So, my dear ones of the light, I welcome you back to the emergence of your inner being, for with this new sweeping forth of the old debris throughout the universe, we are coming to the place where our house is brand spanking clean and new and we will let the party begin! The party will be the celebration of a whole new life on and within planet earth and all of the universe.


Lift yourselves up, dear ones and you’ll find yourselves singing to the heavenly chorus that is always there to tap into. It is a song to long remember and sing with Joy and your hearts.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love Nancy Tate