July 10, 2010              


Hi Everybody,

I was just having a conversation with friends, and one of them was talking about how we need to be peaceful about what we were talking about. What I heard was BPeaceful. I asked them to listen to that and to see what it was saying. They didn't see it at first and as I spelled it out to them, they saw what I was saying.

There is a bigger picture here and I feel many people will see what I saw in this tonight. It takes us back to being peaceful about all of this.



BPeaceful about all of this! Allow yourself to see the bottom line in this event and all that is to come from it. Isnít it possible that there is a hidden meaning for this? Isnít it an event that is designed to right an ancient wrong and to set into place the revitalization of Mother Earth and all of her children?

If there is any justice in this world it is in the way we do things, and the way we react to what is done on a level that we donít trust. How about what we do trust? What does that tell us? Do we tell everyone to distrust and find a way to save ourselves from the tyranny that is wrought upon us, or do we sit back and allow the energies of our trust in Divinity to take care of that which we ask to be taken care of in the energy of love?

It is not a matter of being up at arms over something that is doing harm to us through whatever avenues that are being tried. It is a matter of being at peace with that which is taking place so that it can find its resting place in the lightness of that which is in tune with that which is in tune with who we are and what we intend for our home and our family.

There is nothing that can replace the peace with which we take our places and stand in our love and beauty. We are singing the song of BPeaceful and sure in our quest for the resolution of all that is coming that will take us to our rightful place in the next dimension that awaits us with open arms and a feeling of sureness that we have done what has been the call since this all began.

BPeaceful and allow our love to settle this matter and all others, for that is the equivalent of all that is taking place right now in Gaia and all of us. It is the BPeacfullness that we engage in that takes us to the next level. Accept it and walk with it into the place that is born from her idea to BPeaceful with all of this.

Thank you dear Family,