July 14, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click here for Spanish




Good day dear ones of the Light. I am Hatonn, and I come to you this day to share something with you. It is a time for all of you to see what it is that is shining from within and what it takes to spread that glow around the globe in one simple thought. All you need do is to have a thought that shines through and through with the inner glow and you have healed mountains, cleaned rivers, and cured all kinds of disease.


There is nothing in this world that you cannot have an effect on. There is nothing in this world that you cannot return to the perfection from which it has evolved in the energy of duality. It is the time to take stock of what you have accomplished already as a whole in the course of the times that you have been on earth. As you see what has been accomplished in the energy in which it has been created, you see the power you have to create the kind of world that you desire and intend.


As you see what is taking place and you realize the potential for what is as you desire, then you see how you can do just that. You can take the thoughts that you have had up to now and you can earmark any new ones that you have for the beauty and the healing of this mother earth and all of the life within and on her surface. It is that simple dear ones. Rather than see what some others have done, created in their thoughts and the actions that have sprung from those thoughts, you can turn it all around, all that is not to your liking, and produce through your thoughts and desires the kind of world that is in harmony with All.


There is no deep secret to it. There is no select group that can do this. It is each of you, each of you taking charge of your world and how it is for you. It is a matter of seeing it as you want it to be and living it in that image. Remember that all is created in the image of God, yes even that which may not be appealing to many; it has been created in the image of God, for all is God, all is Spirit and it can be what is given the most attention and thought in the energy of the Creator, which is you.


Yes, you are the Creator and in that image that you convey through your thoughts, you will find your world changing with every moment as you go about living your day in the image of what your thoughts create. There is no big secret to it, for you have been living that secret. You have been giving substance to everything that is in this world, whether you have knowingly done that or not.


I am saying that every time you give thought to something that is presented to you in any way, you give it more lasting power. You are sure to experience that to which you give energy, so as you go through your day and choose to heal the water and wildlife on the planet do so with the thoughts that represent what you desire, rather than what you see before you in the backward glance at what has stirred you to the thought of healing in the first place.


What this represents is rather than saying that you are healing the waters of the world that have been stricken with the pollution of certain parties, instead give all of your energy to the image of the purity of the waters and the wonder of the wildlife that make their homes within the waters, in the sky, and on the earth. This is what creates, dear ones; your thoughts are magnificent creators and the energy that you put into them is the movement that sets them free and allows them to create in the way that you intend. Such is the power you have.


So, what the bottom line is here is that you do not have to join a group of beautiful people who are giving their focus to the healing of the earth, though that is a wonderfully powerful thing. If that does not work for you , or fit into your life right now you can just as well give your focus on a constant basis to the wonder and beauty that is before you in your inner eyes. You can see from within that which is your intent for this beautiful Mother Earth, Gaia, the goddess of the planet, the soul of the earth.


Yes, my dear ones, you are all infinitely powerful, and no matter what way you choose to interact with the people and all of life you are choosing the ultimate creativity you have to free yourselves from the bondage that has been seen throughout the world. You have the innate ability now and forever to create this world in your image and to see that your image is God/Spirit/Creator all rolled into one.


Also remember that the majority, the largest influx of energy, determines what is, and as you join in with your thoughts no matter where you are or how many are around you, you are using your innate powers in a way that is equal to anything else. When there are hundreds, thousands, millions, or even one person, it creates in the energy of the beauty and freedom that is represented in the Love that is all of it.


I see you all in the beauty of the image that is portrayed through the collective consciousness and believe me, dear ones, it is truly a sight to behold.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate