July 01, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish


The Collective


We are here this morning to bring you some news of the universe. We are here to tell you of your influence on the rest of the universe and how what is going on in the Gulf region of the land mass known as America is doing to elevate not only the earth and her people, but also the entire universal body.


We are The Collective, and we come to you today to assure you that what is taking place now is the restructuring of the body of Gaia and the realigning of certain portions of her atomic makeup. Yes, she has atoms as well as all matter does. This is the beginning of the return to anti-matter and one of the things that must change in order for this to happen is for these changes to come about.


Look at what happens when a glass of water become inert. There is no life left in it, as was once seen by the tiny bubbles that would indicate a liveliness. There is a rancid taste, if any at all. When one drinks it there is almost a desire to spit it back out, for the taste is so unlike what the body and mind recognizes as being alive and in harmony with all that is going on in our bodies.


Now what is taking place in Gaia’s body is the same, though on a larger scale. Anything that is introduced to her body that is not only inert, but is also carrying deposits of poisons that add to her discomfort is immediately rejected by the system. This is what is happening now with all of the waste, chemicals, poisons that have been distributed throughout the land , in the air and in the waters of this beautiful body of Mother Earth.


As these substances are distributed throughout they bring about the reactions that are now taking place. The earthquakes, the tsunamis, the tornadoes, the gushing forth of the open wounds of her life’s blood, what you call oil, are all contributing to the restructuring of her body.


When Lemuria and Atlantis went under the ocean, that was a large part of what happened in the process of the atoms changing from Anti-matter to matter. As this progressed and the resultant events and evolvement of earth and her inhabitants added to the state that she evolved into. This is all part of what must happen to be able to return to the state that is our original inheritance from the Source. It won’t happen in the ways that it did then, because in the evolution all has changed and the resultant movements and expressions of that change will be different than they were. Every change in anything brings about a different expression of what was experienced before.


What will make it seem different is that it will be; her body as well as ours will be different, due to the evolvement and expression we have had all along, all through this phase of earth life. We are going to see a new earth and new bodies that will be occupying this planet. We will see a new universal order that will reflect what is to take place, is taking place, and has been taking place over the evolution of this system.


What will become our home on earth will be a new way of being. We will reflect that which we have created in the process and we will add to what Gaia will look like and be in her ascension along with us. In the meantime we will be undergoing a lesser degree of change, for it means that rather than earth destroying herself because she has no life force left, she will support us as we support her in these next happenings that will be ongoing until all is in alignment for the evolution back to anti-matter atomic being.


As this takes place, we are all raising our vibrations, and in that we are seeing the changes in society come about in increments that will build such power as to keep the momentum going strong and with no chance for backsliding. It is a sure thing that earth and all life on and within her planet will make the evolutionary jump into our newness of being. It will come in the flash of an eye, for the events and ‘time’ as we know it leading up to that flash will be as long or short as we create it to be. It will go according to how we create the process in the moment of every moment.


For some it will seem as years and for some it will seem as minutes, days weeks, months. It is all the same in the bigger picture, for in one way of looking at it, it will be as a second in time, and that indeed is what it is. We are creating anew in this moment, and we are building the momentum as we stand still and powerfully in our creation. As you see what is taking place in the world around you, know that it is all going according to the plan of the moment. Yes the moment of forever is what we are creating from. We are expressing our power of creativity in the freedom that rises above anything that seems to be taking place in the world of matter. We are expressing through that part of us that is called the Mushaba Force. That too is a part of the process that is awakened in each of us now and with this energy that is working in full order now, we are being the masters that we chose to be and expressing in that manner.


So, the next time you open a newspaper, turn on the news, glance at the yahoo headlines, take a moment to smile and say thank you for what is taking place and for this journey back to who we are. We can rise above what the stage of earth life is presenting right now by spreading our Love and Light to the world and carrying on in the ways in which we are inspired to do. Love yourself to a level that feels good. Move forward in that inspiration to be all that you want to be in the moment of triumph in this expression of life on planet earth and in the whole beautiful universe.


We are loved. We are beautiful. We are powerfully creative. We are all One. Welcome back to Yourself/Ourself.


Thank you dear Collective,

Love, Nancy Tate