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There is an abundance of energy that is available to you now. More than ever before the energy of The Christ has expanded and brought with it the exponential abilities of all of you to not only access and walk in that energy, but to unite it with all of the energies that have lain dormant within your field for eons. One of these energies is that of the Mushaba Force, and with that energy you are now surpassing all that you have thought was possible before.


What this means for you is that you are being encouraged by these energies to further your awareness of them and of your abilities to master your life in a way that you have not before in the duality existence that you designed. You are now stepping into that mastery and remembering how these energies work in perfect harmony for you to express beyond that which you have already experienced.


I quote an esteemed friend of all of you; “There is no greater force than that which is within, and there is no greater use of that force than that which surrenders to the infinite Creator.”  I am Confucius with you at this time, and as Nancy opened to me this morning, she knew that this was a time to revisit her beginnings in this world of communication in this manner. I was the one then who awaited her invitation to my energy, and now I rejoin her in a public way to share with all of you. (Nancy: Confucius was the first being that I channeled knowingly and with intent in the Spring of 1998.)


When I was walking the earth and communicating with my sources I did so with a jubilation that was met with equal joy. As I walked in those energies I learned a great deal about what can happen when you have a limited memory. One of those things was to see how many times one can do the same thing and still not find a way to vary it. Another was to host a multitude of ideas and play with only a handful.


Now I see, as you do, how many opportunities abounded and how many called to us when we weren’t paying attention. Now I see that as these opportunities arose there was an emphasis to delivering the message to the unlimitedness of the Spirit that was being left alone and forever, tirelessly calling. Which brings me to the point of this message.


As you go through life and observe the activities that are taking place all over the planet. Stop and look around you; pay attention to what your immediate world is telling you. Is there a great deal of joy in that world, or is there an abundance of sorrow and fear? Whichever it is, you have created that perception and you can change it if it is not to your liking.


What takes place outside of you does not have to reflect that which is inherent within your great Spirit. You are a powerful being, and as you realize and live that more and more you will see how you can create anything you want in your life.


I am not intending to make this just another message about the Law of Attraction, which is a vital and valuable reminder of who you are. I am bringing you the spectrum of the abilities that you are able to more fully realize and put into action. You can read, or listen to each of the messages that speak of that truth, and you can see that each brings its own treasure of information that unites the totality of the Law of Attraction. The most valuable part of all of it is that it is infinite and that the value placed is not on any one thing, but on the infinity of it all.


Realize that there is no bottom, nor a lid on any of the information, for as you follow the various principles you begin to create anew within those principles. You bring your own influence and energy into what is presented, and in so doing you create a whole new way to look at the same thing that others have seen. Do you see how there can be no wrong or false information in this, as well as no ultimate and complete information?


The group on your planet that you call the illuminati have known this for centuries. They have taken a splendid idea, full of love and Light and have turned it into something that works for their intent. They have seen how they can manipulate the energies and present the information and the ideas that come from it to suit their lives. My suggestion to you is to see this and to bring your non-resistance to it. In that way you have taken down any barriers that you may have set in place to the resolution that you desire of the issues that you would like to see happen in a different way.


Take the present political issues that are taking place in America, for instance. With the rise in awareness of the people as to what has been taking place behind the scenes with the governmental body, one can merely see this as the choice the government made, and remove the judgment from it. They can then decide that what they desire and intend is far different and that this new way of looking at the issue has the power to change it. Energized by this unfettered energy, you can then go forward in the power of that which you desire for the issue and this will be joined by all of the energy generated by others who desire that same outcome. You can go forth in action with that energy, and watch and feel the momentum grow to that result.


Great and Divine power can work miracles. It can create what you may consider to be impossible tasks. Remember, there is no place in the real world for the idea of impossibility. As the events of the day elevate even more, as they will seem to, the truth behind the scenes is that there is a melting pot of stew that is being dissolved and rendered back to itself in the energy from whence it came. The energy is pure and innocent; it is the I Am energy and it is always in potential for expression in anything in existence.


Go forth today, this moment and create that turnaround of that which you observe and live. You are multi-powerful in that you can bring a gentle bird to sweet song, and at the same time bring a roar of thunder, with ferocious winds and torrents of rain down upon the land. You can create and un-create at the same time. In the un-creating you are actually re-creating, for nothing never Is Not.


I leave this transmission today in the manner that I always closed my visits with Nancy. I bid you fond adieu, in peace and joy, and love.


Thank you dear Master Confucius,

Love, Nancy Tate