Wakeup Call Message
July 08, 2004



          Iím pleased to be here this morning and in this energy of love. There is one, among many things that give me pleasure and that is to be with all of you in this way. Among other things being with you is an increasingly attractive adventure, because not only are you moving into ascension, so am I evolving into a state of deeper purity and evolvement myself.

          This is how it happens, my fiends, and this is the state of all of us as I send this message forward into the hearts and minds of all who behold these words. I am Baldor this day, and I come to you with a great deal of joy, for today we will explore a subject which is dear to my heart, and close to home for all of you.

          Today we shall address the concept of time in the interdimensionality of space and matter. This is a subject that warrants deeper understanding, for with that understanding comes the ability to open into other dimensions of communication. Let us begin with the idea that the world as you know it is a divine tool for the operation of your Divinity. This is the concept that creates your life walking in the Light of God. With this we fall into the grace of God, and therefore into the area of expertise that affords the ability to comprehend the interdimensionality of all there is.

          With the onset of the ascension comes the idea that there is nothing that is not taking place right now. All that has been is with you right now on some dimension of experience. When you express in any experience you do so with an aptitude that creates that experience interdimensionally. This is what makes that experience available for all to tap into.

          With that comes the ability to receive data from all that is, and to know thyself as all there is. Within this ability lies the secret to the ages, and that is to know thyself as God, and to bring that forward into your lives. You can do that by going into he silence of your mind, and bringing forth what it is that you have entered into that silence to bring back. With your intent, you have been able to seek and find what it is that you intend to remember and experience.

          When I speak through this one, it is as a messenger of information that she has herself held for all of her existence as a soul. She has stored each particle of light within her being, and is able to access it with her intent. She is remembering how to do that, and with each transmission she brings forward that memory revival is sharpened. Also what is sharpened is her ability to recall the memory of who she is exponentially with each phase of her evolution. Each of you also has this ability, through whatever means you have chosen to bring this to your present awareness.

          As you further extend yourselves into this present energy of transmutation and ascension, you will find that there is a lot more in your closet and storage unit than you have ever conceptualized. You will find that each time you dig a little deeper into that storehouse you will discover another piece of information that brings you to a deeper understanding consciously of how you operate within the dimensions. This understanding will elevate your ability in this dimension to remember your own interdimensionality. This will in turn bring you deeper into that ability.

          Do I have you going in circles yet? (He chuckles) This is what I intended, for to go in circles without being in the 3rd dimension allows you to keep a clear head, rather than grow dizzy and disoriented. When you find yourself clear and easy feeling about these concepts, then you can know that you are comprehending this because you are experiencing the interdimensionality as you are comprehending it. That is the nature of knowledge, and living it exponentially. You live it, therefore get it.

          Now I will address another common practice, and that is daydreaming. Yes, that is something that you all have done for lifetimes isnít it? As you sit and daydream, you are going places that bring you joy, calm, comfort, excitement, sometimes even fear in some way. When you do this, my friends, you are drifting through the dimensions and living them. You are actually traveling interdimensionally. Now you can do that in a more deliberate and intentional manner.

          As you sit and daydream, do so with the intent to plan the daydream, to have it represent what it is that you desire and intend for your life. See it manifest as you would direct from your innermost wisdom. To be there in that intent actively set your intent at the onset. This is how you can create an experience to represent the wise and powerful you. You can create the blueprint for your life, by first intending to do that.

You do not have to sit and outline the total picture, just know your intent for a specific aspect of you life, such as to be perfectly content and happy with the way your work progresses. Then allow that daydream to manifest in your mind. When the daydream becomes a story that you feel warrants an enhancement, or change, then intend for that to take place as long as your intent includes that it is in your best interest. In this way, you are tapping into and operating from your innermost knowing and intelligence.

          This is an exercise that you can engage in at almost any time when you do not have to be focused, such as driving and operating equipment. Anytime that you are at ease and can give yourself a few minutes you can engage in this exercise. This is an exercise that many of you have not engaged in for some time with the frequency that may have as a child. The world around you is so full of ways in which you may engage your mind that there is little time that you engage it for the communication with your own inner voice.

Think about that, and think about a possible reason for that. Is it possible that this has been created to be this way in todayís world? Isnít it time to take your mind activity back, and be the bearer of your own ideas and thoughts? Isnít it time to know thyself as you would know the joy that lives from knowing your self more deeply? It is a pleasurable practice that can gain you much about how to mold your world so that it takes a course that brings you all you intend for your life. It is really a very easy thing to do, once you have found the key to unlocking that ability. As you go through life with the ease of discovery and manifestation of you daydreams, then you will know that you have found the key, and are never going to need it again.

          I come to you through these messages, and I will someday tell you of another aspect of my coming. At this time, then you will have remembered more of who you are, and will be able to comprehend what I will then tell you.

This is a paradigm where there is nothing that is not possible, once you understand that in the deepest sense. You are Holy and your works could at this time be called magic. Where I reside right now these works are regarded as natural and Godlike. You will come to that realization, and we will shake hands and hug each other in the Holy embrace of the mightiest sword of light that there is. This sword brings clarity by cutting through the muck and the mire and rendering all light and clear.

Till next time, I bid you a fond adieu, with love and hugs for all.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate