January 01, 2018               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Nancy, January 01, 2018


When I awoke this morning I happened to look out from our bed through some tree branches at the northwestern horizon and saw what I realized after a minute or so was the setting of the full moon. It was huge and brilliant; I felt so lucky to be able to watch it as it began to go down below the horizon. After breakfast when I came to the computer, I saw the news that the largest super moon of 2018 is tonight.


Wow! I felt that Spirit was behind my seeing this super moon that introduced the one coming tonight. When we see the super moon and allow it to be in our vision for super life, then we are receiving verification that there is a super time coming in our lives, and there is to be a definition that will speak itself in the super fullness of our lives in all ways.


Horus is grinning at me as I speak from my inner self, for he verifies what I see not only for me, but for all others as well who see the Power of Love exhibited in so many ways. Love is all there is, and the full moon speaks in the super fullness of the coming magnificent events in our lives.


This is my first Wake up Call of the New Year, 2018. It is telling me that there is coming a new way of being in the moment, and it is in being able to see and feel what it is that is with us awaiting our vision of what it is and how it is open to what we create from it and with it. We are exhibiting our power to create what we desire and what we see that represents our ability to create it even before we realize the details of what it can be. It is time for us to look further in our inner vision and see what the possibilities are for our creation. We are able to go ahead in our vision and include that which we have declared is impossible in the times past. It is time to let go of impossibility and open up to our inner knowledge that all is possible. It is a matter of knowing that what we want is within our range and it is up to us to see the appropriateness of it for our lives.


I thank each and every one of you beautiful beings for being here with all of life. We are on the horizon of our new way of living in creation and the power of Loving all of existence with the smile and glowing forth of our ability to create that which is in harmony with all of existence. As we go forth in our first day of the new year we do so with the Love of the All that is the existence of All There Is, in our image of completeness.


I close now with tremendous Love to you all,

Nancy Tate