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Dear Ones,

I was sitting at my computer this morning thinking about what I could post to the list that would feel good. I thought of maybe doing a WUC, then thought no, how about a Daily Inspiration and a piece of my writings from the past few years. I looked at a couple things and didn't feel they were right for now.

Suddenly I 'heard' to post a Wake up Call from ten years ago today. So I looked to see what that message was and I saw the rightness of it for the timelessness that we all know is the reality of our awake selves. We know there is no time and that we are being assisted and are doing what we can to bring our beautiful world to the awakening that we are destined for. In this Wake up Call from January 12, 2005 is a wonderful example of that truth. Here you will see why I was led to go back and look at what came through me then, and why it is so appropriate to this day, January 12, 2015.


Wakeup Call Message, January 12, 2005

St Germain 
Today I AM here to tell you of the progress with the money systems in your country and the world. Today there is going to be a turnaround for the banks of the world, and in this turnaround there is to come a blanket assembly of new currency and a blanket coverage of new powers of authority.

I AM St Germain, and I AM here to let you know that with these actions there is a shortening of time by which the awaited events will be brought forward. Please realize that with these occurrences today, there is still to be a period in which there will be a hold on those events. Although certain measures are in place, other ones must be implemented in order for the whole sequence to be assured success.

My dear ones, you have been looking for this to come about for some time now, and in so doing you have lent your energies to the allowance for it to happen. In so doing you have been largely responsible for many things to take place that would not have otherwise. One of those things is that there would have been a much more undesirable occurrence concerning the events of 9/11, and the subsequent turnaround of revelations that has come from that disaster. With your intervention energetically you have enabled certain documents to come forward that ordinarily would still be kept in hiding because of the keeper’s inability to feel the safety in the numbers of those who will back him up when he brings forth the incriminating evidence.

My dear ones, in the event that these words make it to the eyes of certain ones in power at this time, no one need concern themselves, for it is already known that this one is working for the light and is unshakable in that. This one has, as so many of you have, experienced interference with emails and other Internet operations. However with perseverance and the assistance of the lighted realms, you have all been able to keep your positions in the light, and have risen above the ploys of the ones who would seek to silence the words that come forth from all of the lightworkers.

Today, I have given you a short message of the continuation of the proceedings. It is with the utmost assurance that I bring this to you, and in that I also commend all of you for the exceptional work that you do for the light, and for the furtherance of the climb to the ascension status of not only each individual, but of the whole of humanity and Mother Earth herself. In these actions and prayers that you have taken there has been a tremendous change and transformation that has brought many a smile and an exclamation of joy and wonder to all of us.

I just wanted to thank each and every one of you on the behalf of all of us here in the lighted realms and onboard the spacecraft that hover in the skies above you. You have far surpassed all that we had seen would be accomplished, and in our intervention in co-operation with you, you have done much of the work yourselves.

On this day we take our seats beside all of you and applaud the blessings that you bring to yourselves and All There Is, for it is glorious, and it bespeaks the innate wisdom and power of all of you. You can take this to the bank, and see that it fits. Salu!

Thank you dear Master St Germain,
Love, Nancy Tate