January 20, 2015               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Socrates, January 20, 2015


I am here this day to bring you a piece of news that will resonate around the planet. I am Socrates, and I am seeing what is taking place on this day of the new State of the Union Address. It has been long in coming, the energy of the day, and as the times get closer to what the president will be broadcasting this evening, there will be much descending energy of the old paradigm which is filled with the negativity of the ones who have been running the world in their own mode of control.


I see you all readying yourselves for a brand new paradigm. I see that there are so many who have seen within their own beingness and found what they have been in destiny to reach. I've seen how close they are to that purpose that will lay it all out on the table. It will explain in truthful evidence what it will take to clear it all up and allow the Light of the inner Spirit to shine forth and bring about the new way of being on this planet and beyond. It will be a journey that will surpass all that is now in reach within the mind, and outside of the governance that has kept a certain closure on the possibilities that are in store for all of mankind and beyond.


Yes, I say beyond for so many of you are seeing the communication potential for all of life to correspond with each other in a way that will bring instant harmony with each other. It can be a most harmonious way to live. I speak now not only of this planet, but throughout the universe as well. It is a case of being able to see what it is, and feel the closeness in which you all communicate. This one is seeing that in her beloved Cassie as the challenges of the breed the beloved dog is, and what it entails in the ability to bring the household and surrounding spaces into harmony. So many times she has seen that the energy of the household is represented in the dog, and that is bringing a new balance to the household and beyond into the neighboring area. Note this in all of the communication with all of your neighbors and town, and on beyond.


As we bring ourselves into a more harmonious existence, we do so with the love and calmness that we feel for each other. We do so in a way that is neither supportive of the negativity, nor of what does not resonate. Rather than pushing against that which does not feel good, it is more powerful to give our energy to that which is in harmony. In that way we do not damage and distract ourselves, and our commitment to being in peace joy and love. We bring to the rest of life the love and the joy in which we proceed through the circumstances that arise throughout all of the energetic movements that come from our choices. We are then able to see what it is that brings about the harmony that brings us to a wonderful communication with each other and a joyous way of living on and within the planet, and our own bodies.


Yes dear ones, pay attention to what you feel and hear in the address tonight, for in it can be many hidden secrets that only you will translate in the way you feel. That is an example of what it is to live in your purity and bring to the whole that part of what makes the world go round, as they say. It is a matter of bringing it all to each other in a way that speaks of your individuality and at the same time the harmony that brings truth to the table and love in the hearts of all.


I leave this message now and I know that each of you will have your interpretation of what I have said. That is what is meant for this beauteous world to live in harmony. Even though there may be interpretations that carry their own visions, they all blend together in a way that is inspiring in beauty and joyful peacefulness at all times. When we keep ourselves open in the Love of the Creator, we create our world in a way that is beneficial to all. Enjoy the day, and feel the Love that I send forth in gratitude for you all.



Thank you so much dear Socrates,

Much Love, Nancy Tate