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Porda passed from this world on Oct 22, 2013. He was Anakhanda Mushaba's father, part of the Musbaba family who practiced the Power of Five Healing. Porda is on the mothership, the Nexus, which appeared to Bob and me often in the early night sky while we were living in El Dorado NM in 2012+13. He was, and continues to be, a very loving being.

Wake up Call: Porda, January 28, 2015


I am here this day to welcome you to yourselves. You are making tremendous strides in reuniting yourselves with the truth of what shines from within. We have seen this glow even when you have not felt it; when you have felt the loss of it in such a way as to bring you to your knees. Now we see that chagrin less and less. We see that when you are experiencing that inner conflict it is because all of the debris within your humanity is less and less. More light is pouring forth from your inner knowing to send out all of the accumulation that has been stored and trapped within for so long.


This is a wondrous time for you all, even if you don't realize where the turmoil you are feeling comes from, or the depth of it. It is the time for you all to be releasing what you have endured for so long. It is a deliverance to yourselves that you are giving and experiencing in order for the light to shine forth and interact with others in your association. It is the pathway to the newness that will be showing forth to all who are in the position of being able to see and comprehend. The numbers there will continue to grow and as you all step forth in your opening to the light coming forth from within, you will all begin to walk in the truth of who you are, that you never left behind. It is a matter of you all recognizing the wellness that you feel within once you have stepped froth from the unrest and unease that the release brings to you. For the short time that it takes to be gone it can leave you feeling the upliftment of the freedom of yourselves from the old energies.


I am telling you all this because it is time for me to introduce myself to you once more. I am Porda, and I am here now to let you know that I am not long from this world in body, and I know exactly what you are feeling, because I too was experiencing some of what you are, as well as my family on earth were and still are. We are working together and we are seeing how well you are all doing. I speak now of my family, the Mushaba family, and as this one has been bringing forth some messages from several Mushaba beings, so too has my son, Anakhanda Mushaba. This is in the energy of a prelude to what will be coming in the energies that will be continuing to stride froth across the lands. It will also come to you as you awaken to the energy that is being rewarded by your openness.


As you all continue to open and see what it is that you have been in hiding for enduring this duality experience, you will realize why this is the timing for you to rise above what has been holding you back for so long. You will realize that there is more to life than what you have been expressing. It will be an awakening to the new journey that you will be taking in your knowing of who you are and what you are capable of doing.


It will be a journey that will allow you to express more in the Mushaba energy than before and to take it beyond the evolution that it is in now. Yes, you will be in communication with the Mushaba energies in a most harmonious way and that will show you the power that you have to create a world that is expressing the directness of communication with the Creator in every moment and every movement that you make.


I have one more thing to share with you at this time, and it is that when you know and live that knowing of the gifts that you are giving yourselves, so too does it gift others. It is a milestone that you have accomplished and as you move beyond what you have created thus far, you will realize why you have come to this duality expression, and why you are now on your way to the next wondrous Creation of your existence. I embrace you all and congratulate you to the fullest. I send much Love to you all!



Thank you dear Porda,

Much Love, Nancy Tate