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Good morning my dear friends. I know how disappointed so many of you are about the way the inauguration went. I know that you had ideas brought to you from certain beings and people about something that was going to take place at the inauguration. Hatonn had told us in his message on the 16th that there would be a speaker; I reference some of his words here.


He spoke of…..‘an appearance of a certain party who will have some words for all of mankind’……In this was he perhaps saying that one of the speakers would be presenting an example of what would be coming forward to be solved by all of us, instead of a chosen few? Was this speaker aware of the trials and tribulations that are on the table and are ready to be sorted through and taken care of by those of us who live our life in the new energy of power and creativity within us?


Consider what the words symbolized that spoke of the completion of the capital city dome topping, back in the time just before Lincoln was president. To me it was representing the coming together of the feminine energy into these new times to make the fulfillment of our destined reconciliation of the masculine and feminine energies into our beingness.


When the words came though from Hatonn…….. ‘and there will be a presentation made by this person that will shock some and satisfy others’….does that mean that words with that effect can only be ones that speak of great immediate changes in the issues of the day that have collected so much emphasis as to be the only thing that is being addressed? Or can they be so subtle as invoke a degree of understanding that can have a huge impact on the way one sees life and the way to lovingly, without pushing, bring about the changes within that reach out and make changes all around?


Is it not in our power to utilize the creativity and ability to use it to bring the changes we intend without always reaching outside of ourselves for the answers and movement that can be the example of what it is to walk in our power?


I bring this to you all in questions because that is what is coming up in me. Not questions to the beautiful beings, such as Hatonn, who have been so lovingly, and helpfully there for us, but questions that we take note of and then turn around and ask ourselves for the answers. I was told a number of years ago that if we have the questions, then that is a sure sign that we also have the answers. It sometimes takes the hearing/speaking of the questions in order to be able to fully realize the wholeness of the information that we have within.


Hatonn also spoke of what could come from what was being said…… ‘and who will bring a certain amount of surprise to the festivities’……this could mean that some people would be surprised at their reaction/response to what was being said, especially by the one who was speaking. It could also mean that the words were being understood on a whole new level, and that this time they took on a meaning that far superceded what was understood before.


There is so much that we are opening up to, and as that happens we become clear on many aspects of our lives, sometime in ways that we don’t fully understand until we speak the ideas with others. We then see the issues in a whole new way and we find a way to forgive ourselves, and to realize it isn’t a matter of forgiveness, but of patting ourselves on the back and going on from there in joy and life fulfilling prophesy.


Another part of what took place at the ceremonies was the poem that Richard Blanco wrote and read to us all. It spoke of the Oneness that we all are. The closing words of the poem are:……  ‘We head home through the gloss of rain or weight of snow, or the plum blush of dusk, but always—home, always under one sky, our sky. And always one moon
like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop
and every window, of one country—all of us—
facing the stars. Hope—a new constellation
waiting for us to map it, waiting for us to name it—together


Is this not what resonates through our hearts as we think of being able to be in Oneness with all of our family on earth and throughout our Universe? Are we not being told and are we not knowing on a higher level that we are in that space, and that we are beginning to live it far more than before?



One more, no, I will say three more examples of what Hatonn could have been speaking of when he said……. ‘bring a whole new crescendo of song to the play of the ages’……..are James Taylor wonderfully playing and singing ‘America the Beautiful’, and the two beautiful powerful voices, and glowing blond hair of Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce, singing ‘My Country ‘tis of Thee’, and the ‘Star spangled Banner’. What an example of the masculine energy coming into harmony with the newly powerful feminine energy in a way that speaks of the times that are upon us now, so gloriously!


I understand your disappointment in not hearing about the presence of our space family from the lips of what was seen to be, was only on the surface. I also feel that there was so much relayed to us in a way that caused us to see a deeper meaning to the whole event. We do have that ability to see on a deeper level that which is before our eyes. We do allow ourselves to intervene at times with our own knowing. This is one of those times, and as we see the deeper meaning to anything that comes our way, then we live our new first levels of the 5th dimensionality that we are now in.


It is a matter of being able to recognize what it is that we are experiencing as a whiteout of the old, and welcoming of the new. We sift through the old paradigms and come up with the newness of communication and interaction with all of mankind and all of life. We do this in a way that has no expectation and with the allowance of the newness to delight us and take us with it to a higher level.


We are that highness and we are that new way of being. Admit it to yourselves and then watch the magic unfold, in the realization of who we are, and the gifts we give to ourselves. We see things in a different light, and then we go on and create more, with the fun of being in the moment and the power that it brings. I know you all understand what I’ve been sharing with you and you all have your own interpretations of it. It is all right! It is all good! It is all Love!



Thank you All,

Love, Nancy Tate