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The other night after watching a Boz Scaggs concert on DVD I was thinking about how there is so much music that is wonderful to listen to, yet so many songs have such sad, negative messages. The words represent parts of our existence in duality. How can we go further into the fifth dimension and still take with us the songs that we love, the melodies that are so wonderful.


That led to my thinking about our world in general. What about the buildings that we love, the stories that we write and like to read, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, etc, etc, etc? Are they all going to stay behind, even though there are some that we absolutely love and that help to make out life here a wonderful thing, so full of what we love and creations that we have brought forward from love.


How about if we change the words to the songs? I then realized that is the answer! Itís not a matter of just changing the words to the songs, which I have done with some of the songs Iíve sung on singsnap.com, but of changing the energy of all that we love that is presently in our world.


We can do that. We can make our evolutionary process intentional and personal. We can surround that which we love in our world with love and creativity through our thoughts. We have the power to actually change the structure of things to that of crystalline. We can take something that was created in an energy of fear and control, and impress our energy of love and creativity, in the freedom that we have within us, to do anything that we desire.


That is what the Mushaba Force energy within us is all about. It is giving us the opportunity to use our power in these times and to create what we desire and intend for our evolutionary existence. It is a matter of recognizing that we are now in a state of being that we have not been in before. We havenít even had the precognition to know that we could be here. It is all about the newness in which we find ourselves, and what we can do with it.


We can take this power and go to any lengths to utilize it to create our world as we desire. We can see what on our surface world is beautiful and full of light, and add to it by imbuing it with our love. That can remove and transform any energy that may be associated with it that is from a negative energy, and render it completely of love.


Many people and beings speak of the coming times of the complete transformation of the surface of Gaia. What does that mean to all of us? Does that truly mean that we will all have to be removed from her surface while the transformation is taking place? Perhaps for some it will mean that. For them it can mean their part in transforming the surface world is at their command. It could be that there will be that opportunity of choice for all of us. Do you choose to remain on the surface and love everything into harmony with all of us and Gaia, or do you choose to leave the surface and let Gaia and whomever else transform it to a world that is brand new and ready to be habitated and begun again?


Think about how you have felt when you have tried something new that is creative and pleasing to you. How did it feel? Did you remember the process and delight in the result? How about transforming a city with all of the cement highways and buildings, by at first sending it love and seeing the crystalline energy rise and transform them. In the process of rebuilding our world to one of no need for automobiles and high-rise buildings, it can be a process that can be not only pleasing to you, but to Gaia as well. Think of the love and the power we have to create what we desire through that love and the knowing we have that we are all-powerful.


I feel that this can be instrumental in the intermediate process of raising our fifth dimensionality to the higher levels. In the interim, we can begin in this moment to live our truth and to create the world of today in a way that is not only pleasing but harmonious as well. This can also have its effect on the societal elements of our earthlife. Think of the possibility of sending love to the whole process of earth society. First, we know that they are all connected in one way, or another. Sending love to the whole thing can have such an effect on our lives, as to transform all of the issues that we are living right now.


The idea of NESARA will be evident and working in our lives. We will have prosperity in whatever form it comes to us, through our knowledge of the power we have to create what we desire. Our governments, schools, employments, financial world, entertainment industry, all of it can be affected by sending it love and then acting in the ways that we are empowered to do. We can do it without bringing resistance and pushing against the system. By being in harmony with each other and all of our ideas about earthlife, as is in relation to the Universal life, we can bring it into our lives with our intent for it to be in harmony, and walking in that intent.


We are powerful beings. We have what it takes to bring ourselves that which we desire. I thought also of the teachings of the energies of form, tone, numbers and all that is either positive or negative for us. I realized that is what has always been in this energy since we began to create in this universe. That is what we have created in the minds and hearts of all of existence. Is it now that all of that is changing? Will there at some point not be any negative in this universe? I felt that probability very strongly. If there is enough power in us with love to change all and anything on earth, then why wouldnít that carry forth to all of existence? Consider that what once was of a negative connotation, is now in the process of being completely positive? What a powerful thought that is!


As our dear friend Peter talked of love while visiting us in Mt Shasta, after awhile I thought, why do you only speak of love? I realized very soon that it was because I needed to hear it so that I could stop resisting ĎOnly loveí, and get on with my evolution into this message and my ah-ha moment of a deeper understanding of the power of Love. Thank you Peter! Thanks to myself, for realizing that gift of love and the power it has.


As Sananda said that other night in the teleconference, what is taking place right now is that in this evolutionary process we are bringing such new energies and thoughts into our evolvement that it is affecting all of existence. Every dimension is being affected and it is all creating a circuit of harmony that is creating tones, colors and energies that have never existed before. It is all happening at the same time. It is affecting all of existence, and it is all in love. Love is so powerful! We are so powerful. Letís Live it, in Love.


In closing I wish to share with you what my dear friend Sandra sent to me. She introduced it by writing, ĎThis "Ted Talk" is an amazing capsulization of a woman's fantastic journey and her conclusions about life!í


It is indeed powerful! You may listen/watch here;


Love to you all!