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As I awoke this morning I realized I had been having a fifth dimensionality experience. I awoke still with my eyes closed with the memory of just having enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. It was one of spectacular reddish, rose, gold colored clouds that had an intricate pattern that, to this moment, I cannot describe.


As I lay there, I remembered cutting some cheese and arranging it on a platter. Then I realized that what the sunrise captured was the sun reflecting off the cheese and relaying the colors across the sky in a pattern that reflected the crystalline energy of the cheese and the platter. I realized that in the fifth dimensionality everything in our world is crystalline, and oh what opportunity for spectacular sights such as this sunrise!


This is what is in store for us, and look what is happening already. It is as if the 5thD experience was already in my conscious experience. In fact it was. It was something that I awoke to. It is something that we are all awakening to. As we begin to bring that which we have awaken to in our everyday experience, we will appreciate the gift that we are giving to ourselves and the world. We will realize the potential that we are tapping into in every moment of our experience.


It may seem at times that we are still in the fourth dimension, that we are still dragging our feet, but that is only the result of letting go of the residue that is still coming forth for our release. Sometimes we take hold of it and look at how it could be translating something in our lives. Then we take another look and see that it has nothing to do with our present reality, for we have gone beyond that old stuff and released it.


That is when we stand in our power and allow the old to flow on past. An example I share with you is that last evening as I got up out of my desk chair my left hip joint gave me a sharp pain. At first I thought, what is going on here? Then as I walked, I felt I might fall because the pain was so intense, but I didn’t. As I walked into the kitchen, with the pain still there, I began to say I feel fine now it is gone. Within about a minute it was gone, and it has felt fine since then.


I tell you now that we do have control over our lives. We do give our example in every moment and we can choose to experience that moment as we desire it to be. That is the power we have and the freedom in which to make the choice. No one, no government body, no part of any system can take that away from us. It is inherent within, and we can always ‘leave the building and live our own lives’.


I now feel someone, Hatonn, tapping on my shoulder for a word with us. Here he is.


Hatonn: My dear ones, I am here today to tell you that this is an eye-opening day for this one who is such a dear friend. It is a time for all of you when you are having experiences such as the morning wake up call she gave herself today. There is coming a time when all of these experiences will be your way of life in your conscious living. It is just around the corner, and for your enjoyment to build on. Take your power in your hands and see the beauty that flows forth across the sky and reflects throughout your lives. It is a wonder to behold and it leaves me almost speechless.


I leave this message now and sit back and enjoy the coming day with this one and all of you. It is a wonder to behold and it is ours to create. Blessed are those who walk in their power and gift themselves and all of creation with their gifts of beauty.


Thank you all and Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate