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I am here today to bring you some news about the Inner and Hollow Earth and how it is accelerating its return to your consciousness. Good day, I am Horus and I am pleased to say that since the beginning of this new year there has been a tremendous change in the way all of you on earth are looking at your lives on an inner level expressing the newness that you are feeling.


This is bringing to the forefront the essence of your beingness that is in complete knowingness, and that will be able to bring into your lives the results of all these millennia of being in the shroud that you brought to your beingness. Now that you are in this space on the surface, you are allowing the inner knowingness of the ones within the earth to bring forth their essences into your world and combine them in a way that is not only welcome but that is bringing together the oneness that has long been in place with your dear Mother Earth, Gaia.


As you do what you do each and every day, you bring about a change that is increasingly active and in the light. You bring about the inner sanctity that is ever increasing your ability to live what you know inside. With this inner knowing you are creating an ever-increasing idea of what it is to live your supreme self, and to walk in that which till now has been but a dream of something that is coming.


It is here, dear ones and as you sit in your chairs of posture and love, you are realizing that the posture is all about being in the light of the Christed energy and the forward thinking of the Mushaba Force. With this combination you are creating a newness in the fifth dimension that is allowing all that is in the potential to be expressed in the manner that all who desire and intend it to be the best of the world to be just that.


I see that you are all enfolding your lives in a way that opens up the doors to the rest of your existence in a way that involves the tremendous potential that you encounter in your thoughts every day, every moment. It is a matter of being in the energy of allowance, and then speaking forth in any way that feels to your advantage. It is becoming so much easier for you to understand and to live that which is forthcoming. In that way you are living the future, the past and the present all at once. Is that something new that you are experiencing? Not at all, for it has always been in your potential. Now it is your reality, and I see that you are filling the halls of the Pothalogus library with so much information, that you are expressing the oneness that it is and that you have brought to the expression of forever.


So I say to you all, as you move forth from this moment trust in what you feel and know that you are opening up to something far grander than you have ever known. It is you who are bringing about the changes as you walk forth in the energy of the existence of not only your world, your solar system, galaxy, and universe, but all of it at once. You are the purveyors of the truth and the ones who have laid the foundation for what is to come.


I go now to see the newness as it sings through the ‘halls’ of the library and rings throughout all of existence. Know that all that you desire and created in your life is in harmony with you and that you have already brought it into existence. It will be realized when your ready for it to come into your consciousness. Welcome this beautiful gift to yourselves with open arms, and the knowing that all of existence knows of your gifts and applauds your ‘claimance’ of them.


I love you so much! Thank you all for your gifts to the Creator and all of existence.


Thank you dear Beloved Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate