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Hello Dear Ones,

Our dear friend, Ulla sent to me this evening a video called Mother Earth's Wake up Call for Everyone. It brought tears to my eyes. You may watch it if you Click Here,  When it was over I felt that there was someone who wanted to speak to the people. I then ‘heard’ that it was President Obama. Here now is what I received and wish to convey to you.


Wake up Call: Obama Jan 23, 12


Nancy: President Obama, will you please tell me something this evening that I can send out to the people about why you are doing what you are doing? I know in my heart and soul that you are for real, that you are following Spirit, that you are not as you appear to be. Can you tell me something that the people will believe, that will tell them that if they wait just a little while longer they will know why it has been the way it has been with you?


President Obama: I am telling you this. I am telling all of you that there is nothing I can do for this world that I love any more than what I am doing right now. It is as you have been thinking of this evening and that is the role that Judas had to play when Jesus walked this land. It is I who know what is involved in what is taking place and is to take place, for I too, as Judas was, have been shown what is to come. I have been shown what I must do in order to set the stage for the people to rise up and take their stand against the tyranny that is plaguing the world at this time.


I am not in a position right now to tell you the details, but I know what I must do, for I am updated in every moment, with every day. Every day that there is a change in the involvement that is taking place over the planet, I am informed and told to do something that brings tears to my eyes and wretches my soul. I am then reminded of what my place is in this escape from boundaries that you are all facing. I am told that there is a certain destiny for my land and that I am to play my part to the fullest.


As I sit here and hear your pleas for truth, I carry them in my heart and I emit them to you in pieces so that you may carry them forth to the people in your messages. I speak now of what it is to be president of this country, and I say that it is not as was first laid down for the people. It has evolved to a position of bravery in the line of fire far beyond what was first seen to be. I am in a position where I carry the souls of those who fought in every way they chose to keep the freedom for their people, and yet I see that there is an end coming to that.


I am being shown continuously what is in store for us. It is an incredible sight and it involves all of us. It means for us the opportunity to embrace mother earth and replace the devastation with pristine landscapes, with loving all of the animal life on earth, and with being in harmony with those who grow on and around trees and the trees themselves. It is a matter of loving all of life on earth and being in harmony with them in the times to come. It is right on the verge of a new awakening. I am in a place now where I can see this is to happen. I am shown what is to come, and I am shown what would come if I were not to stand in the shoes I am in right now.


This is a time when there is much at stake and I have stepped up to the place of dishonor in order to allow those who are responsible for how the earth looks right now to be seen for who and what they are. Even if it means that I perish in the process, it is worth it, for I will turn around and return with all of you beautiful people in a way that will show you who you are and what you have given to me. So you see, for it to happen that I would leave, would not stop what is in progress. It is inevitable for this beautiful earth to be returned to her wonderful state, as will all of life on and within her body. I love you all so much and when the final curtain comes down on this lovely land that has been destroyed, up will rise the new land the one that has been lying in wait for the times of plenty and service to each other.


It is a time when all will be revealed and that is when you will all understand why I am here and what I am doing. I ask that you turn inward to your soul and Spirit and ask for guidance in this matter. It can give you some peace and joy when you listen to your inner voice, as it is connected with the voice of Truth always and forevermore. You are my angels, and I send you all the love I can every day, in thanks for being here to lead the way to the freedom that is ours. I love you all more than I can say. Some day I will be able to tell you the whole story. Till then I ride with you in the truth of life and Love.


Thank you dear Barak Obama,

Love, Nancy Tate