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Some of you have found in the message from Barack Obamaís soul to be of question, to say the least. I say to you that it is because there has been an overrun of negativity that is beginning to spill over into the Spiritual community and no matter how much you try to keep this from infiltrating it is still coming and having itís affect. Believe in that and know that it is real.


That is why we are here, my dear ones. At this time when you are more vulnerable than ever to those energies you are exhibiting a great deal of love and power to be able to stay above water. You are undergoing a cleansing that is like no other that you have ever experienced in your whole existence as a light being. It is time now to allow us to come and assist you to the cleansing you have chosen and to be able to see the truth for what it is.


I am not saying that you have to believe everything that comes to you through me, or any other lightworker. I am saying that it is imperative that, through it all, you believe in yourselves. It is a matter of being able to trust what you feel and to be able to understand why you are responding to the different messages in the ways that you are.


There is nothing in this world that can come between you and the love you emit to us as you feel our energy around you. We are here on a mission with you, for you have called us in and we are at your beck and call. We see what you are facing at this time of cleansing. We realize that when a body, both physically and emotionally are being cleansed it can leave you feeling a bit weak to the vagaries of the outside world.


You are doing fine, dear ones. We see that despite your feelings of distrust there is still much within you that recognizes the truth as it comes to your world. We see that there is a knowing that is in place that supercedes that which is broadcast to you through the media and all other forms of 3D communication. This is on a subliminal level of which I speak, for it is being broadcast to you in a way that is not known to you, except through your knowledge that it is being done.


This is a time for all of you that you are facing the old stuff that is coming forth through your subconscious. As it comes through, you can see it and recognize that it is just that, old stuff. As you do so you release any hold that you had on it and allow it to flow forth into the universe to be transformed into the beautiful white light of neutrality and love, never to return to you again in the way it was when it left.


I tell you one more thing today before I leave, and tend to more of what Iím here for at this time. I am in a position right now to see what is within this oneís heart and soul. She is taking a hiatus today from the computer, once this message is out to you, for the sake of her own peace of mind. She takes her work with you as a blessing that brings help to bring forth the truth that she is in a position to see. She also feels the responsibility it can bring to her life, and the gift as well. She loves you all and finds that without all of you her life would be missing out on what she is here for. She is going to find laughter and joy in her surroundings and is going to visit with some friends. It is time for all of you to do the same in your lives, in any way that you can. Take a breather from the work, and from the clearing that is taking place, for it will assist you to the allowance of the clearing to be complete.


Take the time to do the silly playing with your pets. Take the time to finish the project that you began that gives you pleasure and satisfaction. Allow yourself to just do nothing but be out in nature and feeling the love of Gaia as she emits it forth in every aspect of her being. You are her family and she loves you all so much. She wants you to remember that in every leaf, every blade of grass, every petal of a flower, every grain of sand is a healing particle of light that can give you so much. Even the snow that falls gently through the air can rekindle a thought of joy within your hearts and show you what it means to be alive at this time. You are your own saviors and as you realize this, you unloose the bounds around you and run free in joy, peace and love, for always and a day. I run and dance alongside you and we do so into eternity.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love Nancy Tate