January 05, 2012              


Dear Ones,

Early one evening several weeks ago, from out of the blue I received information that some of the original Mushaba Tribe of aboriginals from the southern part of Africa were being threatened as they arrived in Egypt to leave to go to the Ukraine to carry out the mission they were on. I was told to let Anakhanda Mushaba and his family know about it right away so that they would then be able to tune in to what they knew to do to ward off the attack.


Anakhanda let me know later that night that they had done what they were inspired to do. In turn, I tuned in and was told that they had been successful; that the aboriginals were on their way. Then Anakhanda asked today how did the aboriginal Mushaba tribe do in the Ukraine? Horus is telling me in this moment that this is part of what will be taking place all over the surface to help to bring back the pristine state of earth. We all who choose to remain here on earth will be part of the restoration because it is in our destiny and intent to bring to perfection that which we took part in desecrating. We will be assisted and joined by those who come out from Inner and Hollow Earth and also those who come from off planet.


Now here below is the answer to the question about the aboriginals.



When they got there, a band of other aboriginals were waiting for them. They had come to the understanding that all went well with those from the Mushaba tribe being able to get there, and they were ready to do what was to take place.


As the aboriginals got down to business with their cleansings of the area, they also took great pains to be as close with the ones who met them, because they were to be getting their energetic passages of timeliness taken to a new height. The ones who met them there were the ones who ventured to that area back in the days when the seeds were being sown for the tribes of the world to plant themselves in protected places. That is to say that was when the original tribes moved to their respective areas and evolved their bloodlines there.


As they perpetuated the known tributes to each other, that in turn planted the energetic seeds back into the area for the sowing of the original forestation to come back. This is to be a part of what will be taking place all over the planet as all of the elders and aboriginals meet with each other and contribute their treasures of seeds to the whole of the system of ecology. This will supplant the whole of the ecosystem in the way of what the forests do to achieve a balance that will help to sustain the coming new way of achieving the balance that was once in place.


The aboriginals bring to other places those seeds that were once in their own places and that had been misplaced throughout the floods of the original movements of the earth plates and eruptions that took place in ancient times. It is all being done in ceremonious ways in order to establish the energies of peace, joy and love through the creation of the original pristine state of vegetation.


Thank you dear Horus,

With Love, Nancy Tate