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Hi Dear Ones,

On this day of new beginnings I am bringing you information about the second moon message that I sent out the other day. It seems that the image and article may have been entertaining, but not valid.  As a result of being told of that, I wondered why I was so inspired to send forth my children's story, The Man in the Moon. I asked Horus, and here is what he told me.



Nancy: Horus, when I received that story the other day about the second moon, why did I not question it? Why did I immediately think of the story I had written, and then send them both out to the list?


Horus: There was something that you wanted to give the people and that was a heads up for what is to be coming. It is a matter of being able to discern what is real, and what is made up to cover the truth of what is coming.

When the real second moon comes back into orbit with the one that is there now, it will be because it has been Ďput backí into itís original body and has been readied for the re-enactment of its purpose. When it comes into the orbit it originally had it will serve the purpose of bringing earth into the original state that it was in when it was readied for the habitation of the people who were to come and play out their destined plan.


What the second moon is to do is to bring with it an energy of singleness that was being reunited. It was actually a manmade moon that sprung off the energy of the other moon. It was taken, or the seed was taken from the original moon, and it was then regenerated into an example of itís original self, and then brought to its own individuality. It was to bring to all life on earth the idea that all is one from the beginning, and that in expression individuality is born. That was what gave earth the seeded energy that the humans would tap into on their journey through duality.


As this took place it became the way of being for the second moon, and it was then no longer needed to carry on its mission, for it had already established its mission in that the humans took on that energy and carried it forth in their evolvement.


Part of what was programmed into the second moonís identity was the idea that when it was time for humanity to awaken the moon will be showing itself once more. Now that humanity is beginning to awaken, this article and picture is a prelude that has come through the desire to mislead the people into thinking that when it does come, it will not be real, that it will be a misinformation bit of manmade illusion. In this way there will be no reason to think of it as being part of the ascension process. However, this will not take affect. It will become obvious that it is for real, and that it is part of what has been destined for earth and the evolution of all life within and on her surface.


N: What is the purpose of the second moonís return? In what way will it be part of the ascension process?


H: It will bring with it the idea that all is one in individual expression, and that as this is recognized in humanity so too will it be lived. That is what the moon will be expressing, that though it has not been in sight for some time, it will be in sight at a time when it is possible to be seen. It is of the fourth, into fifth dimensionality. It is as a wave of energy. As the energies of evolution into fifth dimension wave back and forth from fourth to fifth, then too will the second moon be able to be seen from time to time, until finally when there is a majority of humans who have reached the fifth dimension, then the moon will be seen by them every night that the original moon is seen. It is representative of the femininity coming back into equal power with the masculine energy.


N: Is there anything else that you care to tell me about the second moon?


H: It is to come with a flourish that will be seen as a wayward area that will be in sight. It will bear the resemblance of the present moon, but not as forward looking as the one that has been in orbit for the entirety of the duality. When the second moon comes into view it will be as if it was never out of sight, for it will be so familiar to you all that it will be as a welcome reminder of who you all are. You will know that it was out of your range of sight for the time of your duality, but you at the same time will know that it was always there awaiting your recognition, as you recognize who you truly are and what you are capable of.


The purpose of the second moon will be to free the energies that are giving themselves to all of the effects that the present moon has. It will expand what it is doing and it will coincide with that which is to come about through the ascension process on earth. It will have ascended in growth, along with all of you, through the expressions that you all have created. The second moon as well has expressed and has been in tune with what you all have expressed. It will not be left behind in what will come. It too will have access to all that has come to be, and all that is in existence in the evolvement of earth, and all life within and on the surface.



Remember, dear ones, that as you awaken to who you really are, there will be many things you will see and experience that have been hidden for all this time. You will find your experience here on and within earth to be more in line with who you are. You will begin to experience that more and more as you come out of your slumber and begin anew that which is of your true nature. As you do so, then it will be as a homecoming with all that has been asleep and has awoken to the new reality. Be ready for the new dreamworld to become that which you are living in every moment, for you will have seen what you are able to create in the moment through your intent. Ride the waves of ascension, and recognize the beautiful songs that echo through your lives of beauty, joy, peace and love.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate