January 13, 2011               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish


The Collective


Today we come to you with a mention of what is taking place within the confines of your hearts. We come to address the things that are plaguing the very essence of your Spirit as you welcome the changes into your lives. It is not the Spirit that is plagued, but the interpretation of what your Spirit is telling you that may be lacking the wholeness of what it is relaying to you.


As the changes take place you are contributing to them by the ways that you interpret what is taking place in your world. You are seeing that as you reach out in compassion and understanding you are contributing to the outcome of what the changes are here for. You are in large part the action and the result of these changes.


We are The Collective once again, and we are here to relieve any worries you may have that you are lifeless and non-responsive in the changes that are rolling over and through the planet today. If it weren’t for your interaction on all levels the changes would go unbounded and without much effect on the way that you all have control over what comes about in this ascension process that you are evolving in.


You have such influence on the process as to say that you are the creators of the process. You are the ones who are taking the stand, making the difference between the outcome and the result of the changes and how they show up in your lives. As you create the effects that the energies of change bring about, you are putting your stamp of intent onto the way your life is affected.


This also rings through the rest of the world. It has effect, just as anyone else’s intent has effect on your world. It is one to the other and since you and all of life are the creators of your world, you are reading each other and finding the balance that must come about in order to bring about the desired creation of your world. It is a matter of being the one who is the facet of your energy field that brings about how you have chosen for it to reflect off the wholeness of the crystalline world that is in the making.


Now, does that sound like what you have come to see within you that has the power of creation? Are you aware that you have that ability? Have you seen that proven in your world right now? Look at how your thoughts have affected your world. Are they showing up in the daily occurrences? Are the thoughts that linger and the thoughts that coincide with your actions seen to be the same, or are they, one to the other, fighting for the stage of your everyday lives?


We tell you right now that your thoughts are but that. They are tests you bring forth to be able to show you the choices you have seen for the kind of life you can create. They show you the difference in one choice and another in the road to the creation of the next step in your life. What a beautiful web you weave and how wonderfully you are creating a world that shows you the differences between what you want and what you do without a lot of thought, just from the inspiration of the moment.


There is no doubt in our minds that you are heading for the land that you promised yourselves all that time ago. Through the timeliness that you have invented with the harmony of the ultimate Creator which speaks forth in every one of you constantly, you are finding what it means to create a world, a moment in the way that represents the power that you tap into in the moment. You are being the Creator that is within, and that can be read and understood to the degree that you are in sync with it at any given moment. Is not that a grand thought and realization to carry into the rest of your evolvement?


We see this time as the perfect place and phase of the growth of your awareness of who you really are as the stage from which you will take your next step into the new world of creation. You will be seeing what is to come of what you are creating that will make itself known in the months to come. You will be seeing the fruits of your labor spring forth in the eyes, hands and hearts of so many people all over the globe as they come forth and express what they have been seeing for so long. They, you will all be able to finally shout to the world what you know to be true and what you see that can be done to bring about the new way of living in harmony of a planet that was destined for this evolutionary expression. Yes, this planet is enjoying its own metamorphosis into the new way of being. She is taking her leave of the old way of expression in order to harmonize with all of you and be able to roll through the coming times of clearing that she is allowing along with you.


As you all go through these changes you will be finding many challenges that could be more than you can bear, or will be seen to be the stepping stones to the new way of expressing who you are. It is your choice, which way it will be in your heart and mind. You can all be the immortal beings that are sprouting forth from the seeds within you that you planted for this time. You are in the throes of opening up those seeds and fertilizing them with the love that you allow to flow forth into the bed from which they will grow and spread their beauty of creation across the land, and expressed in the hearts of all on earth and in the cosmos.


This is a stand you can choose to take, and when you do, you will see what we are saying. You will live the power you have inherently of self-mastery and the freedom to express and create from the defined understanding of your heart, soul and the Spirit within. You are bringing about the destined outcome that you have all accepted as your truth and the way of being together in harmony and balance for all time.


Remember these words and thoughts as you go through the next few months. Remember them every time that you read or hear of the turmoil that is taking place on your world. Remember them when you hear of an incident close to home, or far across the globe of something that does not ring through your heart with joy. Remember that there is an ongoing expression now of what people create in their lives and what the resulting energies bring about. Stand back and see that this is the time of coming together in love and understanding and that though one life, or thousands may be ‘lost’, they are never lost to their own inherent power. They never leave you forever. They are with you and all of life in a constant that is ever changing. Thank them for their gifts of example of how you can make choices that shine forth and speak of the power that you have. Love is the answer at all times and in that love comes the truth that is expressed through the ultimate Creator and the Source of all there is. That Source lives in all of you and can be seen as it reflects in the outer world that you create in harmony with the Creator within.


We step back now and watch as you take your steps, shining in the glory that is your inner wisdom. We watch as you ready yourselves for the coming example of how it works to create the perfect world out there that you see for yourselves within. We step forward at your request when we hear your voice calling for us, for that is part of our destined role in this whole picture. We are all in this together and as we walk and dance together down the road to the outcome that we create, we sing to each other and we know that we are all on key. Forever and ever Rejoice.


Thank you dear Collective,

Love, Nancy Tate