January 16, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here por Espanol



As I lay in bed this morning before sunrise I had my own wake up call. I began to think of the question I have asked myself often in the past weeks, ‘Why am I not getting back to the writing of my next book?’ The answer came, for the moment, as a feeling, a realization, rather than just the knowledge. I felt the truth that I was bored with it; it was not as interesting to me as living the present and doing what the present moment inspires me to do.


I then lay there in remembrance of how it feels to look back into your past; it is a feeling. It is knowing what happened way back then, and I’m talking about the beginnings of the universe and what my ‘life’ was like then and on to now. I realized that in that moment I was feeling reluctant to write about it because it was old stuff, not new experience. I also knew that I would be able to get back to the writing, in due time.


I have been wondering why I have so enjoyed this settling in to our new home; after all, it is something I used to do and sometimes it feels like that was all I was good at, being the homemaker. Now that I have discovered my abilities as a channel, a writer and an artist I have realized my expansion of abilities. Now why is it giving me so much pleasure to ‘go back’ to what I was ‘first’ good at?


This morning answered those questions for me. I realized that what I am doing I have not done before, unless I was to consider myself coming from the perspective of being in the future. Then I could say that I was revisiting my future, here in my present now. I am now creating a brand new feeling of home, one that I have not done before, not in the way that I am now doing it. 


Now that I have you completely confused, I will continue. In this sequence of thoughts and feelings I realized that I had opened myself up in those moments to my whole self. I was being my whole self in the expression of my collective experience. I was truly feeling my wholeness and what that meant to the moment. I knew that I was my higher self, all of myself, and that I was feeling the moment. This gave me the confirmation that what I have been receiving about our universe and all that has come though lately has been coming from my memory. I have lived what I am speaking of, and I know it to be my experience as surely as I know my memories of this lifetime to be my recordings of my experience of this lifetime.


I also knew that this is part of our ascension process. I knew that I am not the only one who is experiencing these ah-ha moments. We all are opening up to our ancient, present, and future memories. Some of us may not recognize them, for those people on earth who have not as yet begun to open to their true selves are still having moments like I did this morning. The difference is that I understand what it meant to my process of ascension. To others it could be a confusing moment for them; it could cause them to ponder their sanity. It also could bring them to a deeper desire to look inward and explore other feelings, thoughts and/or experiences they are having.


When things happen, such as the earthquake in Haiti, we feel the compassion, the desire to help, even the gratitude for our safety and for the safety of those who were spared in the devastation of their homeland. We also understand the deeper aspect of this, and that is that Gaia is repairing, restoring herself to the perfection that she remembers she is. She knows that her surface may not look as it once did, or ever did. She knows that she is creating a whole new way to look and feel in this new energy that is opening up. She knows that she will be able to return to her wholeness and in so doing she will, in co-operation with her family on earth, be able to make the journey together to the new way of being. We will continue to have our moments of silent truth come round to give us another gift of the legacy that we give ourselves. This can help us to take down the walls, open up the doors, and stride/dance out into the open and sing our song of expression that we have created in this, our own memory of existence, in the arms of The Creator.


Thanks for listening,

Love, Nancy Tate