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Nancy: Hi Hatonn, I would like to know what you can tell me about NESARA and if indeed it will soon be coming to us.


Hatonn: My dear, there is a great deal of time that has passed since you last felt about NESARA as you once did. In that stretch of time we have come to an understanding, you and I, that all good things will come in their time and all that is promised will come in its own way. This does not mean that all will come as has been expected, but will come according to the events and energies created by those events and that have been determined by their energy of potential.


This means that the parts and aspects of NESARA are still in place and have been being brought forward in various ways by numerous people around the globe. As these people take into their own lives the energies of NESARA and what it stands for they bring into being a huge potential for the parts of it to come to pass. However, it may not be announced as has been seen to happen, rather in the various ways in which they are brought to be, in the annals of change and the intent of the people.


This does not, however override putting much intention and movement into the various ways in which the measures can be brought into being. The world was not created in one day, or in one way. It was brought about through the original idea upon which many factors were put into action. This is how creation is brought into manifestation, not by one participant but by the many factors that come into bringing something into being.


You are beginning to see what I mean in your ‘receivings’ of the past several days, and even before that. You are beginning to see what is involved in the creation of this universe; this is how it works with everything in a holographic manner. Therefore I will say that as the numerous energies of change come about and the expressions of how they are being manifested continue, then we will see what comes, and in what order, that will represent the original intent that is called NESARA. Of course since this planet is still in a 3D state, fluxing into 4th, it will be a matter of the time it takes for it all to come into being. The order of the sequence of events and energies of manifestation that coincide with the thoughts and intentions of the human mind will determine the rate in which it will all come to pass, as well as the methods.


Nancy: So it seems to me that you are saying that it is a good thing for anything with the energies of NESARA that anyone has put into place, or is working on; it is a good thing and would be of benefit if continued. Anything that brings these factors into being in a way that represents the freedom and empowerment of the people will help to bring about that which NESARA stands for even though it may not necessarily be announced in the way of which it was originally spoken.


Hatonn: You are correct; that is what I am saying, and more. There is a law of attraction here that brings about not only the manifestation of what is intended and given attention, it also does so in a fashion that suits the present energies and the momentum of the events that stand in place for the manifestation that is the strongest in compliance with the energies in the moment.


Anything that is in place, or being presented for the kind of change that is being called for by the supporters of NESARA is being encouraged for continuance as long as it is born, and continues in the energies that represent the freedom and empowerment of humanity in the Light and love that so powerfully brings it forward. This is where your power of discernment is vital in what is being presented to you. Allow that to lead you in a direction that will assist you to create in your own way. The power of the people, as a whole, will be represented in the way that the events and the evolution of the planet come about.


Nancy: Does that mean that you and others from our Light Family can only be a part of this because we as a majority have set it into motion and in so doing create it as our free will?


Hatonn: That in essence is true. We can come and assist you; we can assist you even without coming to the planet. We have been doing both, in as far as we can that is determined by the degree by which you have brought it about in your free will. This is not to say that the majority must agree in all parts of it, but that the overall translation of it is found to be in tune with what we can do, and have done. Remember, this is your deal, and as you create in your intent, it will be according to what is called for in harmony with who you are and what your intention is for your planet and the ways in which you intend to live on your planet.


Realize also that you are operating on a soul level in accordance with the whole of the universe. There is nothing that you can do that will come to be and resonate with the rest of the universe that can have a lasting presence of energy.


Nancy: Is that because energy is always changing, that nothing stays the same?


Hatonn: Yes it is so because of the forward movement of the energy of the universe, and as that takes place, the changing energies change all that is being assimilated and created at the same time. At times it may seem as though things are standing still, that nothing changes, but that only represents that in your own perspective things slow down, or come to a standstill.


How many times have you been in one of those states of mind, and then suddenly all seems to be foreign, or at fast forward, with no indication preceding it that it would be such? That is because time is a fabrication of the third dimensionality and can be bent and moved at will. The more you come in tune with who you really are, the more you will find this in your life. What may seem like a giant leap forward has really been making progress in your energy of will and then your consciousness catches up with it.


This is what you might say about NESARA and the energy that is being generated from the idea of it. The more attention is given to it, the more people are giving energy to the idea of it, the stronger the momentum of its creation. When what it stands for comes into being, that will be as a result of the energy given it, and the kind of non-attachment that is experienced in the attention given it.


Nancy: Yes, I understand that. As long as people give it attention with the idea that it has to be a certain way, then the longer it will be before the energy of it is manifested into something that is in keeping with the energies of the moment.


Hatonn: That is correct. There is something else that I wish to convey here, and it is that ther is an ongoing presence of energy that is already in the making, and that is that there is already a form of NESARA that is being lived right now, in the future of earth. With this living of it in the future, there is more momentum experienced in that energy that will bring it to that mannewr of living it. Now realize this; that future experience of NESARA can be changed by the attention and energy of un-attachment that is given it now. The future of what in intended by humanity is reflected in how it has manifested already, and as long as that attention being given now does not change a great deal. It will likely continue as it is in that future.


The way for that future to reflect what you want for humanity is to live today in the most beneficial way and to amass as much knowledge and results of that knowledge as you can. Living your life in a way that most closely represents what you have in your heart and desire in your soul is the way to create that future that you see for yourselves. If you skip some of the steps, if you try to take shortcuts and find yourself on the short end of the comprehension of what you have manifested, then your future will reflect that and you will extend your evolvement in a way that reflects that detour that you are taking now. If you find yourselves feeling impatient for things to manifest that have long been promised to come to you, then realize that you are taking the route that most benefits you in your comprehension of what it will mean to create something., and how it will affect your life.


Nancy: What you are saying then, in a nutshell, is to live your life to its fullest and know what it is that is behind the manifestation of anything you want, what it is that you bring to it. Enjoy life and live in gratitude for everything you have in your life.


Hatonn: In a nutshell, yes, that is what I am saying. When you carefully crack open the nutshell and savor what is inside, then you have done what it takes to create joy and happiness in your life. If you throw the shell against the wall, or run over it with a truck to get it open, the tasty morsel that lies inside is smashed to smithereens and no one is able to enjoy it, or save it from being cast to the winds and scattered across the land, of no benefit to anyone.


Nancy: That sounds like what can happen when in one’s impatience something is forced to be opened before it is time to be experienced, because it is not as yet ripe and matured enough to reap the benefits from it.


Hatonn: My dear, mankind has great potential for a ‘sooner rather than later’ manifestation of what they desire. In this potential lies a great deal of experience that can be savored for what it can bring. Life is to be lived and to experience. If one chooses to run through life and not stop to fully enjoy what they bring into being, then they are running ahead of themselves, missing out on the rewards of their actions.


Take the time my dear ones to slow down a bit and look in all directions. Seek that which can benefit you in the moment and then watch and see how it can also benefit you in the coming times. Life is a series of rewards given by ourselves to not only us but others as well. Know that what you are wanting is already in the works and that you are slowing down your appreciation of it, in order to be able to fully savor that which you have reaped. In so doing you will find that the times and events that trouble you will be better met with the strength that comes from being at peace with yourself.


You are powerful beings, and in this free will experience you have come to realize the rewards that come from allowing yourself to fully experience the beauty that is all around you, and that you are. We love you all so very much, and we shall see you on the bridge very soon in full consciousness.


Thank you so much dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate