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Happy New Year Dear Ones!

I wish for all of you the Best Time that is to come. As we looked out to the eastern sky tonight, Bob asked, “Isn’t that a ship? I looked more closely and sure enough I knew it had to be. It was bigger than we usually see, but nonetheless it was surely one of our family of the heavens. When I tuned in, I immediately sat at the computer and the following is what I received.




Nancy: Hatonn, is that you in the sky?

Hatonn: It is indeed. Welcome back to my energies, I have awaited your return and that is why I placed myself in your skies tonight at the vantage that you can see well.

I have a message for you. There is a coming event that will propel many people to look at what they have been doing and to take a different trek in their lives. As this event unfolds there will be many changes, not only privately, but throughout the world on a large scale.

There is something to say for what Tara and Rama are experiencing, and it is that the event that they have recently experienced with Mark is meant to provide them with a home where they can find their own solitude and their own energy of truth. What is taking place is a disorientation is being harmonized. There is to come a situation in their lives that will parallel none other for them. It is designed to give them a momentum to move forward and to find a new grace in their lives. They have stood long and hard in their journey and now is time to make the leap forward.

(I include this, though it seems personal, it is meant for anyone who has had any doubts about the feelings they’ve been having.) It is time now for you to do the same. It is time to go forward with the Mushaba Force and gain the strength to bring the further truth of it to the world and to yourself. What you have been struggling with in these days is about over. In your conversation with Bob today, you were able to open up and follow an avenue that bears walking. This is a time for striding past the fears in your life, and being honest with yourself. This is the time to go forth and to bring the truth to humanity. This is a time for life-lessons for all involved. As you go forward in this, you will find that the pressure will lesson and disappear.

Now I will address the next two weeks as our beloved St. Germain alluded to. This is a time when the upheavals that are in accordance with the destiny of this planet and this universe are on the brink of being disrupted and laid open for the new destiny. Yes, the new destiny is about to be set in place, for there is nothing that can stop it now. It is according to the will of humanity and it is in accordance with The Creator. Yes, there is a time when the will of humanity can be changed to suit that of the creator according to how the events and evolvements of the universe have progressed. This is that time.

When this universe was created it had two choices for destiny and what is about to happen will trip the gate for the second destined outcome. It is that of the second universe and is in keeping with what came down on Maldek. This is the time for all of you to realize that you have surpassed the old idea of mass destruction of the planet and the new destiny is in place and operating as I speak. Yes, the Mushaba Force is a part of this second destined outcome. If humanity had not chosen to live this second destiny, the Mushaba Force would not have been able to be accessed and awakened in humanity.

Now is the time for all of you to find the strength and to go forward in the love that will bring you through. See that what is to take place on a global level is but the last outpost that the illuminati have set their energy for. Realize that as the events take place there are the last ditch efforts to keep the old paradigm alive. What they don’t realize is that the old paradigm is no longer with us. It has been replaced, and what they are operating on is the old memory that has no power, no energy to take what they intend to fruition. I appear in the skies tonight for all of you and to tell you that this Full Blue Moon has had its eclipse and has come forth shining and new in the new energy. You all on the planet, yes, even those of you who are not aware of it, have brought this about. You are the powerful messengers of The Creator, and you march in unison for what is to come.

I encourage you all to hold fast to this truth of your power and to know that no matter what you may feel in your bodies and emotions, no matter what may feel like a breaking down of your celestial connection, you will prcvail, for you are the truth and the Truth shall always prevail.

 I go now and continue to grace your skies. Any questions that any of you send my way will be answered, with your moment of silence and belief in yourself to hear what I say. Believe in yourselves, for that is what brings you to your everlasting beauty.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate