January 26, 2009               Click Here for Printable , Click here por Espanol




President Barack Obama is more than a handsome face and an idea for America. He is a wonderful dream come true for the world. He is more than a person who is representing the black race, he is the one who has stepped forward and brought into the existence what is presently here to keep the feeling of freedom strong and sure. He will bring the assurance that the leadership of America is here and that we will not be fighting a downhill movement to change. We can know now that when we cast our eyes to him he will reflect back to us the truth of what we are capable of and what we can do to restore our sovereignty and bring to our lives the best that we can in these days of seeming strife.


I say seeming, for with the idea of strife comes the realization that there can be strife, or there can be peace. Which do you choose? It is your choice, and the more that you choose that which is in tune with all of humanity then that is what will prevail. We will overcome all that is not in our true nature. We will come to the realization that we do not have to suffer that which is not to our liking. We will see that our dreams do come true and that our world remains in the direction that we set it. As to those who see us in a light that does not reflect ours, see that they have not as yet allowed the light of truth to enter into their ideas that they are separate from us. They as yet still feed into the idea of others, rather than all of us.


Tell me, what is the ultimate dream fulfillment of your life? Is it to be at peace and to manifest that which you desire, or is it to be forever in the throes of that which others see for us? Are we here to set free the ideas of entrapment, and is that what we are doing now? It was not an accident that the vote went the way it did for America. Now it is time for the rest of the world to embrace the country to which they once esteemed to be the ideal for freedom.


We lost our way for a time, and now we have spoken and told all of humanity that we want to see an end to the warring, the idea of separateness, and that we are more supreme than all of you. We are all the same. We are all supreme onto ourselves, and therefore to the God, Spirit that lives within. No longer can we forecast what will be for us without seeing that which is for all of humanity. That is the theme that has to be broadcast throughout all of humanity, for without our idea of unity there can be no unification with us and therefore no freedom from the ideas that we are separate from each other.


Come to me now and see that we are one. See that the ones who shine forth their radiance now in their own ways are in place for reason. This is the time in which all of the pieces are being set into place, and we shall see the final curtain pulled aside and revealing the picture that is the outcome of what we once thought was impossible. We are one, and there is no mistaking that fact. Spirit is our being, and in that truth we see the future of our lives to be certain and based in Love.


Go now into your next moment and know that with that moment comes the certainty that we are on the threshold of a new beginning and that it is Now. We live it. There is no other way to express that which we are. We are love, and we are truth. Hold that in your heart and live it in every moment. That is the way to create freedom in your lives and truth in your being.


 Nancy Tate