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My dear ones, the time has come to count your blessings and know them to be multiplying by the thousands. The time has come to know that you are the bearer of those blessings. Never mind what you see all around you; you have just come from a year in which you did the work of the angels and you came out singing.


I am Hatonn, and I come this day of days to tell you that all is coming to a head in your world and that means a head of gold and silver. These days that are upon you are powerful ones. You have created an energy through which the powers of creation are in full force. You are bringing to your lives the epitome of the Word that describes what you are and how you got there. You have opened up to the energies within and you have utilized them and driven them with a rate that speaks of the angelic light that represents the sword of truth and the Might of the infinity of All There Is.


I say to you this day that you will be seeing many changes in this year, and you will recognize them as the dreams and promises that you have made to each other and yourselves. You will find that the opening phrases of this chapter of your book are filled with the nuances of the ages and the destiny of the times to come.


Where you once saw a great deal of conformity, you will see a whole new fresh approach to life that takes you out of the mainstream and into the creativity of the moment. You will find that there is a whole new world awaiting your discretion and that as you accept into your lives the activities that feel good and right, you will be in the flow of life in a way that you have only thus far dreamed of.


Now is the time to set into motion that which has been whispering in your ear of its promise. Now is the time to walk forward and see that you do indeed have the power to flow through life and with the harmony of all who come into your life. You will find that with the harmony in which you live and associate with people around you, you will begin in earnest the new way of living in community and the wondrous rewards it will bring you.


Never mind the old way of thinking that all must be in place before anything can begin; for anything to begin it must already be in motion. It will already be in the circular motion that brings about an energy of intent and that speaks itself in the nuances of life as you want it. You will find that almost before the thought is with you, the result of that thought in intention will be in your life. You will know that as you speak the words in your mind or to the world, it will already be in existence and the speaking of it will bring it into being.


One more thing that I wish to advise you of is that in the next months you will see some more of what is deemed to be negative energy. Look again at these events and see them in a different light. See them through the eyes of one who knows the real truth that speaks to you through the atomic structure that you are which is known as anti-matter. See that as the truth is broadcast throughout your beingness it will be speaking of the truth of what you are seeing. You will then be able to give attention to that which is the deeper meaning of what you see, and in that way you will be adding to the forward progression of the peace that is come upon the planet.


This is the way that you bring it about, my dear ones. This is the way that you act in your Godliness and bring about the world that you intend. This is the way that you govern your mind and swim through the fluidity of your heart and soul creating a world that is full of promise and reverberating in the joyous applause that rings throughout the heavens.


I commend you for what you have accomplished in the past year, and I stand humbly in appreciation of what is before me. You have come through the tribulations of the past and you have washed clean the debris of most of your inner conflict. You have lifted up the curtain of forgetfulness and allowed the whisperings of remembrance to fill your lives with the peace, joy and love that is within. You have come to a place in your ascension where you are up to many of the challenges that may come your way. You will see them as opportunities of expression that represent the power that you are, and the ability that you have to ride the waves as they wash upon the shore of the moment.


Go now and see how you have begun to read and live the promise of the Mushaba Force and the ability you have to interpret what it is telling you. Know that as the atomic structure of your body rests in peace it hears what the protons tell it and puts it into being in your lives. It is a grand and glorious thing that you have done, and now you are ready for the next step. Go into this New Year knowing that the dream is being brought into reality and you are the Gods of creation, fully serving and deep in love.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate