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 St. Germain


In the year ahead you will find unprecedented events that will place your recollection of the times past in a new light. There will be moments of adoration for those with whom you stay in contact and so too will there be moments of adoration for yourself and what you are accomplishing. When these moments come to pass you will see from which motivation your success came, and for what purpose, for everything in your lives will be purposed in integrity and based in love.


I Am St. Germain this first day of 2008, and on this day I say to you that there is no longer any reason to think of yourself as being separate unto yourself, for with this day and forth you will be operating in the unity that is inherent within.


What does this mean in the interpretation of your daily life? Look at what comes about from this point on and then look at what motivated it. See how it shaped itself to be a combination of that which you desired and that which you came to a decision about that was based on others aside from yourself, while at the same time for yourself. Do you see the correlation here, of considering yourself as the One, rather than the one? What a difference one capitalized letter means. Think of the word capital; the dictionary describes it as wealth, asset, first and foremost, chief, first rate, excellent. When you capitalize the word one, you bring it into the meaning that suits the intention, One.


Allow me to reiterate on this for a moment. I would like to inform you first of the coming month and what it can hold. It can mean a whole new beginning for all of you; the energies hold that potential. With this potential you have the ability to put into action anything that you have desire to do to change your life in any way. The energies are strong for that change. As well you have the ability to enhance what your position is and to give it more clarity of purpose. You have that mastery, and you have acquired it, especially in the past few months through the clearing and tending to matters of Spirit that you have accomplished. Yes, in all that disruption and emotional discharge, there has been a lightening of your fields to represent the movement out of duality into the first stage of ascension manifested.


Now allow me to explain what the next step is, how you will walk forward in that mastery. You will pick up the gauntlet of change and you will adorn it with all of the mementos that you care to bring along. Worry not that you will bring along that which does not fit, for if the energy vibration is not suited to your new image it will fall away into the dust of yesteryear. It will remain in the shadows that the new sun casts upon the past. You will find that what lasts and incorporates itself into your robe of many colors are the mementoes that fit, and always did since you created them in your innate way of being.


What will this mean in your coming year? It will mean that even though you in essence will be beginning anew, you will also bring some of that which is from yesterday that was designed for now. You may not see as yet how it will fit into the picture you are in the process of creating, yet when the progression comes you will see how perfectly it falls into place to complete the picture. That is one of the tools of mastery, my dear ones, and you will be able to see how the changeability of creation works in your every moment.


I take you now to the next immediate future. In the months after this initial one you will be able to step forth in the feeling of mastery and put it to grand use. You will be able to see how it is done and you will remember how you did it before. It will show itself in feeling and familiarity, for it is in your genealogical pool, the record of your history. You will be able to see how in the past what you have tried to do did not work, and how it does work for you now. You will see that the secret is within and is no secret anymore. You will be able to see that it really never was a secret, it was natural fact lost in amnesia, now found once again. You will be able to see how it works, and you may not find the words that can capture the essence of that which you know to be fact. You will live that fact, and show it by your example.


I take you in this moment to the regression of your soul in the times gone by. Do you realize that your soul regressed to the time several thousand millennia back when you were no more than a sentient being barely able to communicate with one another? That was the state of your amnesia when you first walked the planet; so complete was your drop out of mastery. You were filled with the fear of what had transpired on your previous home planet; so complete was the devastation you had suffered. With this devastation came the ultimate realization in potential for all of you, for you came to this planet to fulfill the original dreams and to come to a clear understanding of what it was that brought you here. You were given the Grace by which to continue your quest for mastery of the highest realms, and now you have come beyond the old creation of the loss of home on a planet that supported you until it could no more.


By now most of you who read this know of which planet I speak. Maldek was the home planet from which you came. After its demise you drifted for a time throughout the universe and found no place that would support you. You were lost souls that drifted here and there, out of your mind and crying out for the mercy of The Creator.


The Creator listened, as did all of existence. You were destined for this and you were given safe haven for a time before being allowed to gather on this planet called earth. You found that there was a new place on which to carry on, on which to come to the clarity of mind and soul that had escaped you as you floated out of sync with the rest of existence. You have come a long way dear ones, as have I, for I took that trip along with all of you, and you havenít heard the whole of it yet. You will be filling in the pieces as you go along in the next few months and years, for as you awaken to more of the depths of what you carry with you, you will recognize the traits and innate manner in which you have created your mastery and how to walk in it in the purity that we will all see.


This New Year holds much promise for you. It is the year in which the only thing that will work for you is that which is the absolute best choice that you can make for yourself. If you slip into the old habits of putting everyone else first, ahead of you, you will see it either not work from the onset, or it will fall apart very quickly. You will learn much in these next few months and before the end of the year many of you will be walking in your mastery intentionally and with full realization of how you did it. No one will be left behind and everyone will be given the final Grace that lifts you into the Light of truth for all times. Once you all see the end of this new year, you will either be well into your mastery, or you will have chosen to slow it down a bit to reach out and gather others to your experience. All of it is perfection, for you already have gathered unto yourselves the initial momentum and energy that will spring you through the process in the way that suits you perfectly.


What is the energy that is assisting you to this? You recognize that there is an energy that is new and feels so wonderful. You are finding that as you progress through and along with this energy that it stimulates you to more and more clarity and actions to promote that clarity. You have found that in order to bring that clarity in you have had to remove some things, some people from your life. You love them and bless them; you thank them for what they brought to you. You even acknowledge that one day they may come back into your life and be most welcome.


What is the energy that is assisting you to this? Some of you have already heard this name. For those of you who havenít, I introduce you to the MUshaba Force. It is a Force that has been with you throughout. It was with you on Maldek; it was kept in promise for you to carry on in its energy of freedom and empowerment, in the creation of itself in your lives. It is here now because you have invited it in to be the movement in your lives to motivate you to the truth in everything.


There is no need for further output from you except to allow your own inner landscape to shine forth and be manifest in everything you do and all that you are. Trust that what you are feeling is every bit as wonderful in all realms as it is here with you right now. As we all watch and welcome you to our knowing, we shine forth to you your truth of knowing who you are and our recognition of the history we have with you. Yes, we were there and we come now to escort you onto the stage of truth from which you are creating your lives this moment through eternity.


Blessings to you and yours in this year and forever! We are all One, and we are Creation itself. Go now and create this year in your image for you shine forth for All to see.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate