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My dear ones, it is I, Hatonn after a time in which I was focused on the activities in South America. I have been, as well, tuning in to the activities in other places and have seen that there is much astir in all areas of the globe as well as in the uSA. I see from these activities that with the turn of the months ahead there will be changes that will affect everyone all round the globe. Many of the changes will originate in the hearts and minds of each and every person who is living on earth today.


As I tune in to the changes I see that much of what is taking place has seed in the jungles of Bolivia. These changes represent the earmarked destinies of the indigenous peoples of this part of South America. I see the origins of much of the energy of reformation for the planet began in a section of Bolivia, when it was part of what is known as Atlantis. What took place there was a calling forth of the inequities of separation that began in that area.


When the onslaught of those from the cosmos who came to this planet with the co-operation of the Galactic Federation began, it was with the authority of those who sought to seek a plan whereby there would be a continuance of the intention for domination of the reptilian race and their search for a planet on which they could seek inter-dependence between their mother world and that of earth. They desired to comply with their original intention for dominance of the universe and to do it with the settlement of earth and the domination of the ones who came here from other parts of the universe.


What they could not comprehend in their dedication to what they intended was that there was already a plan in place for earth, which included their occupation of it, and their desire for dominance. In this plan they were following the dictates of their interpretation of what they knew within was their part of the cosmic plan. What they didn’t perceive, due to their limited scope of the plan, and The Creator’s perfection in it was that they would follow their innate concepts of domination and that would inevitably be their downfall in their own plan, for it was not to be, according to the laws of destiny.


You see, my dear ones, my family of the universe, they were a part of the plan that was as valuable as any other specie’s plan. Theirs was to seek domination beginning on earth and spreading out to the rest of the universe. What they did not see was that this was but one in a series of contributions that would culminate in the restoration of the universe, beginning with this solar system, and the eventual development of the next destined phase of the ultimate plan.


What I observed in the jungles of Bolivia was the coming forth of the indigenous peoples to an awakening of certain tribal ceremonies. I saw them take precedence over what had been coveted over the millennia, and change the very nature of the historical precedences that had come about because of certain actions that the reptilians had taken in the times of the reformation of earth from an awakened state to that of being under the ‘spell’ of duality.


We saw that the ceremonies that those indigenous peoples entered into were in the process of bringing the ‘time’ of that evolution of man on earth back to the phase before the onslaught of the reptilian influence. With this return to the awakened period of earth, energetically, there came a resonance that rolled over the globe and re-awoke the genetic memories of those who had been on earth at the time and have since engaged in the reincarnation cycle.


What this has done is to bring to a close the era of free will and the concept of duality, the separation of Spirit from awakened soul. The next step, which is inherent in all on earth, is the ascension process, which, as you know, is already well underway.


My dear ones, there are multiple stages to the ascension process, and this is one of them. You have already experienced 8 of them and with this coming year’s end you will have completed this one and entered into the ninth. That means that the Mayan calendar, which has deemed that the year 2012 is to be the end of life on earth as we know it, is predicated on the stages of ascension that are in place and on ‘schedule’.


This schedule has an ability of transcendence that can push the timeline even further than that. In other words, there is a showing of the possibility that this timeline can be condensed to bring the timeline to 2010, or 2011. Already there has been a condensing of the original timeline. Which means that at this time, cosmically, and this is interpreted to us in terms of activities, rather than your concept of time as linear, and interprets this time in the ascension process as being already 2011. What this means to you is that though the year in your perception is 2008, in the concepts of the reality of evolutionary activity it is already 2011. You may want to think of it as the exponential passing of time.


What does this mean as far as your reality is concerned? It means that you will continue to experience a stepping up of the effects of ascension. You will continue to be challenged with a series of events that will catapult you over the edge and to the other side. You will do this in a way that stimulates and brings to your way of being a new promise that exposes itself to all manner of change and commitment to living the moment. You are already seeing that in your lives, and in so doing you are awakening more every day to the innate knowledge of how to meet that challenge and render it a way of life and a way of being.


You may not feel it at this time, yet you have already made great strides in this process. The challenges that some of you are experiencing and rising to would have a year ago rendered you ready for a straightjacket, to use an earth term, for clarity. However, rather than allow yourselves to fall victim to it, you have surrendered to it and allowed it to propel you into another vibratory match for what you intend. What you intend for your lives is being met, though it may seem as thought you are miles and centuries away from it at times. Know in your hearts, for that is where the truth is registered, that you are right on schedule, if not way ahead of it. Realize that what you aspire to is being determined by all of those in the picture.


There is no turning back; there is no falling away. You are on the uphill swing and you are flourishing in it. You are creating in the moment and you are creating time as you desire and intend it to be. You confer with us at night in your sleeptime and when you arise to the light of day, you put into place that which you have come to in those hours when you revisited your innate self. Your destiny is being supplanted with all of what you have seen it to comprise. Your path to the realization of where you are headed is according to the mandates that were set down before the first time you arrived on this planet.


Do you know how long your original energy has been present on planet earth? You have been here since this planet was first rendered separate from itself, from it’s other self. This planet was once part of a whole that is still in this solar system. As most of you know, the asteroid belt is your other half of home. It is the maleness of Gaia, and as has been told to you in another message, Maldek is that other part of Gaia. That was another part of the plan that was designed to carry out this separation/duality experience, and it had to come about in order to follow and come to the completion of the destiny of this phase of Creation.


So now what, you ask? What is our next move? Your next move is to follow what is in your face at any given moment. Your next move is to step forth in what is before you that feels good. I wish at this time to clear up something that you have been wondering about. When we say what makes you feel good, it may not mean the usual interpretation of the word good. Remember, everything on earth, all your concepts of earthlife and of being are mutating. This means that though something seems not to be to your liking according to how you came to that conclusion in times past, most or you are going one thought further and telling yourselves that according to the way you feel within, it is for you to stay put, or trust in what is, though it may not be according to what you have always termed good.


There is a difference between knowing something, and remembering how you used to feel about something. For many of you it isn’t even a difference you can relay to another in words; it is a feeling or a knowing that though it isn’t what you have in the past considered to be what you like, it is what is entirely perfect for the moment. When you realize this, as you are doing, you are tuning in to your innate wisdom and knowing that all is in perfection. You know that when the pieces all fall into place, it will be with the realization that you were entirely correct to trust your feelings and innate knowing. I give you an example: though Nancy and Bob are living in conditions that they would not a year ago have picked, they know somehow that it is in perfection, for nothing else has come to their thoughts that indicates another way to live or another place to be. So they are making the most of their living conditions and trusting deep within that it is in perfection.


My dear ones, I will share with you something that one of the indigenous people shared with me. He came to me in his dreamstate and told me that he had seen a corona of light surrounding the united State of America, or what he termed, Turtle Island. He said that the corona was a combination of the gold ray and the silver ray, and that the ray was a new one to earth and it is the platinum ray. This ray is serving to awaken the energy within each and every form of life on the planet. It is spreading out all over the planet. This ray represents a force that is recently being talked of by the people of earth. It is called the MUshaba Force, and it is something that Nancy has recently heard of. The awareness of it is being spread all over the globe.


This man in the jungle told me that he has been curtaining the ray for all of this time, throughout his incarnations as the same personage. That has been his destiny for mankind, and now he has removed the curtain. He is seeing the platinum ray spreading stronger and stronger all over the globe as people awaken to their innate strengths and the knowledge of their origins. The MUshaba Force began on earth when it was still a part of the whole of Maldek. It came to Maldek back 83,000,000 earth years ago when Maldek was experiencing a standstill of its ascendancy. The process that they had purposed themselves to had stopped and was sliding into a sea of muddy energy.


The Creator ordained the appearance of the Mushaba force to inhabit Maldek and to rescue the original purpose of the planet. When the representatives of the MUshaba Race appeared on Maldek it was with the express purpose of bringing to light the innate realization of the peoples on Maldek so that they could arise and awaken to what they had lost. They were fully awake you see, and yet they thought that in that awakened state they had reached their ascendancy. In that way, they missed a very vital part of that inner knowing, and that was that there is no limit when it comes to ascendancy. They still were living according to that belief, and that is when the reptilian influence came to bear, and they were taken into a state of morphegenic imprisonment. That is what led to the destruction of their planet, for without their innate knowledge of themselves leading them they had stopped their progress, and therefore left themselves open to the tyranny of the reptilian agenda.


That is why you are here now my dear ones. You have been given another place on which to carry out your original destiny, and you have surpassed that which you did before. You have come past the idea of Armageddon, which you remembered as the other Armageddon, the destruction of Maldek, and you are well on your way to surpassing that which you could conceive of before. This is the power of You!


I leave this message for you today with these words. Never in the history of your souls have you ever amounted this plane of vibration. You are now operating in a frequency that is destined for absoluteness. You are in a resonance with the indigenous peoples with whom I have been in contact in Bolivia and you are in a frequency where you are able to comprehend and utilize the vibration of the MUshaba force. You can see the light of the platinum ray and you recognize it as Home. Beyond that ray is the culmination of all of the rays, and that is the First Universal Home from which you sprung.


I love you all with a love that surpasses understanding. It is what it is, and it is All.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate