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Happy New Year, my dear ones! This is Sananda, and I have a bit of news for you. As I stand here on the New Jerusalem floor of the guidance room, I hear from all of my members of the crew that they all witnessed the turning around of several of your aircraft from the advance toward a ship of ours and took their exit to return to their bases.


They were returning under the direct contact they had with our mother ship, and in that contact they were told to return home at once for if they didn’t they would undergo a transformation so complete that they would not be allowed to return home again. This was not a threat, but a statement of fact. They were told that if they advanced further into our field they would not be able to withstand the vibration and would disintegrate.


As they approached even closer they found their planes to begin to vibrate so completely that if they had waited one more moment, they would have gone past the point of no return. They knew instinctively at that moment that not only were we giving them fair warning, we were sending them our love and compassion, for their only reason for continuing to advance was their dedication to their subordinates.


At that moment of turning around, they took their lives back into their hands, and they knew that as they did, they would be able to convince their superiors that they had no choice and that they would have perished had they not done as they did. Further, they will be able to show that if they had advanced further they would have been annihilated due to the vibrational field that our ships exist in.


They would be able to show and prove that this is so, for we gave them the information that would convince them. Due to their close proximity to our field, their vibrational communication opened up to the information that lay within their field of knowledge and they were able to bring forth that information and apply it to their present situation. They were able to access their own inner knowledge and therefore save their lives.


Understand that we knew this would happen in this way, and because we had seen the outcome in their immediate future, we allowed this to happen. We knew that this was an experience that they had chosen for their own evolvement in their ascension. We would not have allowed them to advance as far as they did, for we will not put anyone in harms way when it involves their choice or ours.


We had seen that they created this scenario in order to have this knowing come to their consciousness and also to relay it to their superiors. This is part of a plan to inform the military of the knowledge that many are opening to in these times.


I tell you all this because there is a decided stepping up of incidences where you are putting yourselves in situations where you will be able to bring forth, through the vibratory interaction that you create, the very stimulus that will open your consciousness to more and more of your inner knowledge. This is part of the plan that we all have entered into, and it is enjoying great success.


Not only have these pilots opened to their knowledge of the information, so too did the ones with whom they shared the information open to the truth of it. That is why they took no action further than suspending them from all activities till they had given them all of the facts, and had been allowed to rest for a few days.


Now I come to another piece of new that you may have been waiting for, and it is this, which includes the results of a test that several people undertook two days ago. On that day two people gave their lives in the warring in Iraq. These two people were on opposite sides of the battle. The first soldier was one who had given many times to the efforts and had seen many instances of abuse and torture by some of the soldiers. He had turned his head and allowed the results to take place as he ran from it. The other soldier had been involved in those abuses and had seen the first soldier witness and run away.


When those two men met on the battlefield and confronted one another, they took matters into their own hands and in the midst of battle they were given a vision. They saw what each other’s actions in those abusive incidences had created, and then they were given the completely loving energy of Grace from the Creator within each other. They looked into each other s eyes as they were about to pull their triggers and instead saw God in those eyes. They saw the truth of what they had done, and then they saw the truth of what they were to do. They allowed themselves one long embrace, it was as if time indeed had stood still for one final moment, and then they pulled their triggers and allowed each other their final return to the perils of the journey before going Home to their Creator, and the plan for the beginning of their new life on earth.


Yes, they had pre-planned this long ago, and in that moment of recognition as they looked deeply into each other’s soul, they had given one to the other, the permission to enact the greatest gift of love that one can give, that of complete and unconditional surrender to the will of the other, on a soul level.


To some of you this may seem a cold and unsupportive of the Light reporting of this news. I understand how this can be so. However, as I report this, the two whom I speak of are here with me, and are happy and overjoyed that I have reported that which they have asked me to share. They have taken this measure in order for those of you who have an eye to see and an ear to hear the truth of complete love and Grace.


They also wish for me to remind you that you too have made decisions which others may not be able to understand. This does not mean that they are closed and unwilling to understand, it means that they are not at a place yet, through their choosing, where they see the truth of how it is with The Creator. There is no time ever in which there is a lack of love and compassion within the energies of Creation. There is only complete and unconditional love. This is the energy in which we all are allowed our free will choice, and as that free will aligns more and more with that of the Creator, we are brought Home to ourselves in ways in which we have chosen, no one else can choose for us.


I come to the end of this message, and I see some of you with tears, I see some of you in anger, I see some of you with a peaceful look on your countenances. All is in perfect alliance with your soul’s purpose, and all is in alliance with my love for you. I see within each of you a spark of love so complete, so in tune with the Creator as to render all else to be an illusion, manifested from your intent to bring the expression of life to the All There Is in the power of the ability of Forever.


Take the hand of the one beside you and see the love that radiates forth from their eyes. They reflect back that which is flowing from yours and in the moment of recognition you speak of your love for eternity. You speak of the love that lives and breathes forever in the annals of earth history, and in the promise of the bright new future for planet earth.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate


Update on Jan 03:


Hi Everyone,


One of my readers wrote asking me for clarification on parts of the Wake up Call yesterday. I asked Sananda for the information; here below is what I got.


Q. #1: What Sananda is this? I assume it is not Jesus Sananda as that spirit would not be needing ship transport, I wouldn’t think. Please explain.


#1. Yes, the Sananda who brought this information is the Jesus/ Sananda whom we all know and love. Though he needs no physical vessel in which to transport himself he does find that in order to communicate with the various entities of the skies he uses the ship that has come about as a direct interaction with him and all of those who live in the ship. As it is a living entity itself the New Jerusalem is part of them and is in harmony with them according to their intent.


Q.#2: If the New Jerusalem mother ship’s reconnaissance space crafts are out doing recon, how is it that earth type aircraft were fast enough to be able to approach them?


#2. The scout craft that had the interaction with the planes were in the air and in their 'path' in order to bring about this intercession. These pilots were in a state of intent to meet up with a craft. They desired to consort with them, and their intent was received and met by the craft. As you may have been informed this has happened before with other craft and earth planes; it hasn't been publicized though, for that would not be in the interests of those who monitor the substance of what is reported publicly.


Q.#3. What does this mean,: “They were returning under the direct contact they had with our mother ship…” How would earth type ships have direct contact with this mother ship? How could earth type ships advance into the field of a mother ship parked out in deep space?


#3. The direct contact was not of a physical nature. It was a matter of a telepathic communication, one that was more of an audio message to them, one that they heard in their minds. As you said they would not be able to withstand the effect of being in the field of the mothership.


We thank you for the opportunity for clarification on this message. We invite this interaction whenever desired. Good day to you, and blessings along the way.


In Love,