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When you come to me and kiss my feet, you come to yourself and adore the principles by which you live your life. You come and worship the ideas of life with the essence of love that is pure and profound. You do have that ability to know yourself as I know you, and now you are awakening to that truth that lies within.


I Am The Creator within you, and I see that there is a profundity taking place within you that is not only coming to light, it is coming to your consciousness. This means that as you progress through these last stages of your ascension you will be opening more and more to the knowledge that you have instilled within, over all of these eons in which you have been asleep.


Yes, as you have been slumbering in my arms you have been endearing yourselves to Me and in as much as you have been asleep you have also been calling on Me, for the troubling times have worn you out. They have brought you to your knees on many occasions, and in your despair I have been called upon to bring you up out of that despair into the Light that you hold in reserve in order to bring you to the point at which you now reside.


You are the one, little friend, who has grown into the fabulous adult, mature in Spirit and profound in intelligence. You have acquired the innate ability to know your inner stirrings and recognize them to be guiding signals for this time. You have found the ways to be more and more joyful and full of peace, for you have uncovered the magic box and set yourselves free from the boundaries it represents.


I watch you now as you walk through the times of the day, and I see how you, when you flounder, immediately pick yourself up and carry on with a newfound strength that before could take you a whole series of lifetimes to recover and learn from. Now you do it in minutes, hours, days. You have tuned in to the momentum with which you flow through your lives and you recognize the ability you have to create your realities in the way that you once gave only to Me.


Now you see through your abilities that I was always the one who gave you the spark that enabled you to create in my name. You did it, my dear ones, or it would not have been done. That is according to your free will, and that is as it is now, with one difference. The will in which you create and manifest in your life is One Will, that of your free will and that of Mine; it is One Supreme Will in which you are now flowing through.


With that announcement, you can see why the events are taking place on your world as they are now. Innately everyone on this planet is acting in the One Will and that is why there is the stepping up of the intensity of the events. You are ready to get this on and get into the next phase of the ascension. You realize that it is time to move on, and there is nothing to be learned from the dragging of feet through more lifetimes. The time is upon us, and as we flow into the next expletives of time, we do so with the full knowledge of what we do, and what is to become of us as all of the debris washes away in the flood of tears of gratitude and joy.


We are One indeed my dear, sweet ones. As we melt into the coming times we see a grandeur that awaits us. We see the fullness of the coming times and the prosperity that is before us. We see the world glowing with our expressions and experiences and we live in joy from the sight of it. As we see in our inner visitations and our communication of light, we also see something else. We see what is on the threshold and the promise that we hold for our future. We see the wonders that are before us in the creation of the ideals that spur us forward into these next times. We see the Phoenix rising from the ashes and flowing through the air with the greatest of ease, touching the stars and rendering them a part of all there is.


Come with me now and see what I see, for your eyes are open and your song is being sung in the heavens. You watch as the world affairs wind down to a hum that seems loud and brash on the one hand, and with a gentle tug to another height is seen as the truth it is, the impetus by which you shall soar and leave the illusionary life behind.


I love the feel of it, the look of it as it passes my understanding. What you have created on earth bears witness to the love and compassion that lives strong and sure within every one of you. As these last whisperings of illusion are spoken by those who came to this planet to act out there illusionary expressions they too are being freed of the despairing shadows that have kept them captive for so long. Allow them their voices, for in a very short time in the scheme of things they shall all be freed from that old way of being, and they too shall experience the results of the decisions that they have made in this great game. They too shall find the freedom to choose the next phase of their existence, and their positions in this great plan will be honored, as yours are.


Go now into your day and know that as you walk through the events that you bring into your life, so too do all the others who seem to be apart from you. Know that as you make a move it is reflected in every other person, and theirs in yours. There is only the Oneness and you cannot help but be a part of everyone else’s life choices. Love all that is and know that as the skies clear and the sun returns it will do so on a whole brand new day and it will be oh so sweet!


Go in love, as I do Love you so very much. We are One!


Thank you dear I Am, The Creator in each of us,

Love, Nancy Tate