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Special: Hatonn


Are you feeling it folks? Are you getting the message that the time has come for the enjoyment of the riches that yesterday brought? This is the time for celebration, for there was a decided change in the people of this country, and with this change will come a great revolution of Light manifesting in the people of the world coming together to end not only the war in Iraq, but as well the war that is taking place between the ones in the world who would seek to keep this energy of darkness going.


We are all responsible for making the change. This is the time for the advancement of the light. There has never been a stronger time for it, and all of you beautiful lightworkers are feeling it in your blood and in your souls. Yes, it is affecting not only your souls, it is affecting your DNA. It is affecting the way you will be awakening from this point on. So many of you around the world are progressing at a rate that rivals that of the Indy 500. (We like to insert a bit of the earth 3D into this).


Take the time right this moment my dear ones to thank all who gave of their energy, their time, their intent yesterday for this to take place. Did you not realize the capabilities of Spirit in these circumstances? Every time there is an event that has not been seen before, we find that it brings about a stronger more powerful result than has been anticipated for it represents that it has been to a place that has not been before and it has brought a whole new facet of understanding and interpretation of the ways of light.


You are wise, and you are powerful dear lightworkers. Keep your minds ever present and your feelings ever vigilant to the activities of the Light for there is no measure by which you can be productive to accomplish that which you intend, and more.


Take all of the advances that are inspired and do that which is given to you to go forward with, for this is the time of dreams come true and avenues explored that have thus far been only thought of. This is the time for the manifestation of those thoughts. Make them powerful and loving and you shall create the abundance of Spirit manifest here on earth.


I leave this special announcement now and share with you that as these events unfold in your day to day occurrences you will be manifesting the wishes and intent of your wildest thoughts for the abolishment of that which you know to be averse to the Light. I Am Hatonn; all is Golden! With the utmost pleasure I sign off now to wish you all a grand and glorious evening.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate