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As we wind down to the new uproar we all brace our feet for the upcoming times. We then take a deep breath and plunge forward into the new abyss of light that showers us all with the promise in manifestation. I say abyss for when the ones who are running from the light find themselves in a place where they once thought was their haven, it is termed to be the abyss and was thought to be impenetrable by the Light.


I Am Hatonn, and I say that the truth is that there is nothing that is impenetrable by the Light. The only thing that cannot sustain itself in the Light is the opposite of Light. The only thing that seeks the truth of itself is that which has strayed from the Light and longs for its return.


This is what is taking place now, my dear ones. This is the time of the great return and the eventual succeeding of the promise that was delivered unto humanity by The Creator. This is the time for the truth to come forward and for all of the terms of agreement to be met. When the truth is delivered to the people it will be as a landslide that will engulf the shadows and render them exposed to the Light of the day.


As we sift through the debris that has accumulated and has added to the momentum of this landslide, we will assure you all that there will be no harm come to those who stand in line for the coming revelations, and the positions that they operate in the sequence of events that will come forth. As the truths of this time are exposed to the world there will be changes in governance, and those changes will be swift and sure. Not only will the American people feel and live the changes, so too will all of the other nations and peopleís of the world.


This is a vast and sweeping occurrence I speak of. It is an immeasurable chance for humanity to awaken to who they are and what they are capable of. With the explosion of the truth will come the fragments of all that has been hidden, and these fragments will set the people free. We will see an overwhelming response to the Light and there will be a massive coverage of the changes by the world media. It will be obvious that these changes represent the overall unity that earth operates in and that this unity is what will propel us all into the blending of societies that will bring harmony to earth as has never been before.


First, my dear ones, the period of adjustment will bring out all of the soiled linen. It will expose the innumerable times when the people have been told misrepresentations and have been allowed to fall deeper into the slumber of denial. No more will the people turn a slow eye to the happenings that are taking place. They will see not only what has been taking place, they will also see how they have been coerced emotionally into the state of denial in which they escaped.


Time will stand still for many people, and when it begins for them again it will be with a new clarity and a new resolve to seek the truth in everything that they do. It will propel them into the inner guidance from which they find the solace that speaks of forgiveness of what they may consider to be their inherent weakness. In so doing they will see that when this supposed weakness is seen for what it truly is, a fall from the truth in purpose for the destiny of the planet, then they will further awaken and take their place in the ranks of earth angels and stand forth in the movement of the energies of love and compassion. This will then bring about the restoration of the societal harmony and will cleanse the earth of the pollution that has inundated the earth for these many years.


My dear ones, I suggest that when these revelations of truth come forth and sweep away the cobwebs you take a moment and give thanks for the ways of truth and the ones who bring it forth. See the tears that will be shed as the washing away of the sins of man and realize that the word sin represents a falling away from the truth. There is no judgment in what has taken place; there is only a falling away that can be considered a placement of energies in the whole picture.


As these ones who have played their parts so well come up against what they may term standards of punishment, see them as being full of light and that they too have ridden the winds of change and began their steps through time at the same time that you did and with the same outcome in mind. Give them your love and compassion and help to wipe away the tears of despair as they face the consequences of their actions. Remember, but for another choice you might have made way back at the beginning of time, it could have been you in their place today. Rejoice that the battles are coming to an end and that the Creator is full of Grace for all of the souls who stood in line when the choices were delivered to the sands of time, to be washed away and then to be brought to the feet of the ancients at this time.


We love you all so very much, and we stand by to step in at any time. We watch as you all take your positions in this new awakening, and we marvel at the complexity from which you emerge with a simple message of love and compassion. Now is the time for all of humanity to step forth in the Light of the Truth and deliver unto the universe the will of Man as is the Will of the Creator.


Nancy: Hatonn, Iím sure there are many people who would like a little more information about all of the reports and messages that are coming out right now. They say that indeed some of the aspects of NESARA are being brought forth, though they are not being announced as such, they are indeed representing what has been promised. Please comment on this.


Hatonn: Indeed all is as you say. There is a coming forward of all of the aspects of NESARA. This is to be seen in the coming weeks and months and to be lived over the next periods of time as the ways of life and society adjust to the changes.


Realize that as this law was first presented to the world by Dove, it was given as a prophesy of sorts. It was given in order for the people who heard about it to give it life through their support of the idea, and their deliverance of it to the ones who stood in line for this news. The service to humanity by Dove is unquestionably pure and timely.


Now we see the coming forth in its own manner this harmonic of what was considered to be immanent at the time. As all of earthlife in the 3rd dimension, it went through a process of evolvement that has brought itself to the harmonic of the times. Because of the events, and the choices that brought about these events that have come about since the inception of NESARA, we have seen the changeability of the law and how it too has undergone the growth and evolvement that harmonizes with humanity.


This was inevitable in these changing times, for when a window of opportunity is missed, then another momentum is established and another reality is born. This perpetuates the original in essence, and manifests in the essence of the times. This also is seen in all of existence, and is to be welcomed for the fluidity that it represents.


My dear ones all over the globe, please listen to what I am about to tell you. If it werenít for your dedication to the idea of NESARA this day would not have come. Because you believed in something and supported it energetically and physically, it is now being brought forward in the manner in which it has evolved. You are the ones, the bringers of the dawn of NESARA, because you believed in what it stands for, and you stood in line to reap the rewards of something that you indeed collectively have brought into manifestation.


This is because you did not give up, you did not flinch, you stood in Heaven and saw your truth, the truth of what is coming forth for the restoration of all that is Light and all that speaks of the immediacy of the creation of Miracles in the face of darkness. Earth angels, we love and support you in all that you do, for you are the producer of Miracles, and allís right in Heaven and on Earth


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate