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My dear ones, this is a day for you to look within and find the courage to go forward in the understanding of what is to take place in the next few days. What you will be hearing about on the news is but a small portion of what will actually be taking place. What is behind all that will be reported is that there is also a unitedness in the efforts of the lightworkers and the earth ambassadors on our ships.


Yes, I Am Hatonn, and there are ambassadors from earth who came into this lifetime directly from the ships to live a life based in taking the issues that are prevalent at this time and manifesting the peaceful outcome of them. These ambassadors have incarnated fully awake and ready to do what they came here to do at this time.


You see we knew that at some point there would come a time in the events of earth that would warrant the intervention of certain ones of us. This is that time. We did not know the details of what it would be; we read the energies of potential and saw the outcome to be that of serving the light and bringing to a climax the events that would turn the tide, and wake up the people who have been asleep and bring them to a clearer understanding of what is taking place.


These people will see with new eyes opened to the vagaries of what is being presented and what is festering in their minds as a sore that must be burst open in order for the poison of the lies to run forth and leave clean and fresh the place where the light of truth can be seen and heard. As these places are cleansed of the debris of misrepresentation, these ones will find a clarity in what is taking place in the world and will wonder how they could not have seen it before.


My dear ones, these are the people who have chosen to walk this road and stay asleep until this time. These are the ones who will be able to make the adjustments in the world picture of what is taking place. They will join with many others who are already making their stands known and stirring up the pot so that the truth can be seen by all. Don’t be surprised if your neighbor stops you on the street and asks you about what is taking place, admitting to a change of heart, asking for some clarity on the matters at hand.


Be ready if some family members admit that they have had a change of heart and are beginning to understand how you’ve been feeling about world affairs. Be ready with answers when they search for reasons for all that they are seeing. Understand with compassion that they have held on to their stance for as long as they can, and it is time now for their inner urgings to speak to them of the freedom from the ideas that have kept them captive for so long.


Take some time on this day to go within and thank your inner guidance for the clarity with which you will be lead from this point on, for there is an exchange taking place right now between members of Congress and certain citizens of this country who have demanded an audience with the people they have chosen to represent them. They are demanding that their voices be heard and their demands be followed. “There is no excuse,” they are saying, “For being on the fence any longer, for we are speaking of the useless losing of lives based on the greed and selfishness of a handful of people.”


Dear ones, the time is drawing near for big changes on your world. As these changes come about find it in your heart to be neutral and to lend a hand to those who come to you for understanding, for answers. Be sure and concise, with an air of neutrality, and they will walk away knowing that they will have to take into consideration that which they have been told, for it is the only thing that makes sense in this whole scenario. The words that come forth from your heart will be the bearers of the turning point in the lives of those who are ready to see a different picture, one that represents a truth they cannot put down.


I come to you today from a series of meetings that have taken place on board our ships and with the onset of the meetings we have conferred with delegates from the councils of all of the planets in the solar system. Yes, we are all in conference and are seeing that the best course of action is to be at the ready at any moment for whatever may take place that will determine a disturbance to the rest of the universe. As we do this, your ambassadors are lining up with the others from your neighboring planets and seeing to it that the monitoring of the activities on earth with the leaders of the nations at war are carefully scrutinized and followed.


Realize that there will be certain activities that will have to be allowed, according to the free will that is in its last stages before it becomes one with the will of The Creator. As this playout continues there will be a decided increase in the reporting in your media of the warring energies and what comes from them. This is including any incidents that come about in any phase of earth life. In order to keep the mentality at a heightened place for fear, the leaders who have promoted the warring are taking their stands to keep the fever high and strong.


At the same time, you all are meeting that fever with a cooling response of love and compassion. Allow the news that comes blasting across the screens to fade away and be replaced by the gentle tones of music and laughter that springs from the inner realms of truth and love. Continue in your days and weeks to follow the strain of melodies that bring peace and joy to the world in which you live, and the result will bring a lessening of the truth that these leaders would have you embrace, their truth, which is supported only by their ideas, not by anything that is actual in fact, or backed by truth.


I leave you now to the rest of your day, and to the new tomorrow which is growing more interesting moment to moment. Remember that in the end the light will shine over all of earth and life will be beautiful and you will walk in the essence of love forevermore.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate