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With these next words we feel that we will be able to assist you to the next phase of your life in these new energies. Many of you have been noting how the changes are affecting you rather abruptly, and how they are erratic at best. We realize that this is due to the current upswing in energy and so do you. What to do about it, to welcome it and flow into the energies is what I have come to tell you about today. I Am Hatonn once more and in this report I will give you some pointers.


First of all allow me to outline what is taking place atomically. With the new energies that have been spurred by the recent solar flares and explosions there has been a decided difference in the structure of the atoms in your bodies. This has come about due to the increase in the photonic energy that is infiltrating the atmosphere of the planet right now. As this photonic energy speaks to your atoms it speaks a message of truth. Your atoms respond by tuning in to the intelligence of their innate makeup, and in so doing, they recognize the truth as being something that belies that which they have been listening to for these eons of representing the duality idea.


Now the atoms are speaking a different language, for once truth comes to them at such a rapid speed, there is no turning away from that which is known to be truth. It is what they have been longing for and did not realize it until the moment of recognition.


Does this sound familiar to you? How often has this happened for you in your lives, that point of recognition when you knew that you had been living a lie, and are now ready to face the truth and go on?


I continue with the atomic anomaly of what has taken place. As your atoms responded to their truth, they then sent that message to the rest of the ‘crowd’. This meant that the collective of the atoms had to receive in truth the message that was being spoken; it was a simultaneous agreement. At that juncture all of the atoms began speaking this different language, and your ego had to listen. The cells in your body could not belie that which was being heard and they began to re-align themselves with this ‘new’ truth. They began to disassociate themselves with anything that did not harmonize with this new way of being.


This brought about cellular changes and anomalies that discharged all of the old ideas of duality. This is continuing as I speak and will continue in the energy of the 4th dimension. This flux dimension is set up in order for this flowing out of the old to take place at a rate that will not compromise your cellular structure, and will enable you to endure the ebbing away of all that does not speak the language that your atoms have awoken to.


This is being represented in the physical and emotional experiences that are taking place right now. The aches, pains, sniffles, soreness of muscles, coughing, confusion, lessening of eyesight and hearing, emotional outbursts, such as crying, anger, laughter aimed at someone, etc. all of these unusual and unexpected things that are plaguing you are a part of the clearing process of your atomic cellular structures.


You can make this an easier journey by treating yourself well. Do things creative that make you feel good. Embrace the new energies and speak their language so that the departure of the old will be loved and expressed in gratitude. Enable that old stuff to feel the love and gratitude for the service it gave you. Tell it that it is now being transformed into the same language energy that gave it its release. Assure it that it is going into a whole new way of being, and it will find a new life with you as it returns in the new words and expressions that are in harmony with the new photonic energies that are speaking now.


As these changes take place, you may find also that you are extremely tired one day, and then extremely energized the next. Take these extremes with the love that you feel and nourish yourself with something that feels good, or tastes good. Embrace the changes and share the experience with others who are in the same space. Sharing the experience can unite the oneness you already feel into a closer bond and a dearer relationship with each other. We suggest using the connections you have on the Internet and in your communities. Share your ideas of how to flow with this, and be open to anything that comes your way that feels loving and joyful.


One other thing I wish to share with you is that there is only one thing that can happen now in this journey, and that is for you all to go to the Light and embrace all that is there. There will be no exceptions in this, for it is your innate way of being. You do not have to give up that in your life that is fulfilling and grand, that brings you joy, happiness and love, for that is part of this new language. Embrace all that is familiar and allow it to transcend all and any evidences that may draw it back into the other old language. This is the purity of what has been giving you the connection with Spirit and the wisdom to stay there. It is who you are in the core of your being.


As the world events take shape in the old way, and more warring energy is expressed, you will see the evidence of the out of control seeming events of those who are struggling to stay in power. This will escalate in a matter of time, and as it does there will be a stepping up of the language of truth in their atomic structure and they too will not be able to quell the rising swell of energy that speaks of the old language that is in disharmony with the energies that have arrived. They will no longer be able to keep the pace up and they will loose more and more ground.


This will begin to be even more evident to those who have been their staunchest of supporters. The turning of the tide will begin to flow into the media and into the daily lives of everyone. Then it will be a grand procession of truth that will flow forth and enlighten all of humanity to the illusionary world that they have been living and supporting. Then you will see a grand dance take place that will sweep the ballroom and render the dancers in joyous celebration for the rest of eternity. First it is time to bring the dancers together and to open the ballroom to the music of the spheres.


We leave now and we say to you that in this final moment of earth time as it was, the time for you may seem as weeks, months and years before any of this comes about and is lived and made into the transformed life on planet earth. Know that this is in accord with the plan you have set down, and that it has already happened in the future that awaits your catching up and your awareness of its place in your lives. This is the grand parade and you are the participants. We do take place in it as we are called, and together we bring this journey to a crescendo of love and song that dances on forever throughout the universe.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate