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As we gaze upon your splendor and while away the time appreciating that which you have done for yourselves and the planet, we also appreciate that which you have done for us and for the entire universe. In your presence we see a momentary shift that encompasses all that is beautiful and fruitful and all that bespeaks the power of love that you have shown in the past days and weeks especially.


As you all joined in your intention energies to consolidate the love and strength with which you sent out your intent yesterday, you enclosed all of the universal beings with the love and welcome of the reunion of energies that was accomplished in your meditations. You accomplished what some may term to be the impossible, and you brought the energies of the Light to a resounding glow that not only reverberated throughout your galaxy, it did so throughout all of existence.


What this means dear ones is that with the onset of this day there is a decided difference to the energies in which you exist. It is a constancy in which you perform the miracles that bespeak the images of The Creator within each and every one of you.


What you did yesterday shines in every person on earth, whether they are conscious of it or not, they were a part of it. They tuned in on a soul level in a strength that superceded the idea of duality and overcame any supposed barriers to the Oneness, which is truth. Now what is taking place is the assimilation of these energies by each and every one of you in the fashion and rate of movement that is chosen by each individual. It is a done deal, as you would say, and it is golden in its field.


What this means in terms of earth language is that there will, from this point, be a decided difference in the way world affairs are carried on. There will be a drifting towards peace that has not been seen before in earth history. This drifting is one in which most of you will feel the wafting in and out through time of the nuances of all that you have experienced in this time on earth. You will feel it in bits and snatches that will at most be as snippets of feelings and moments of haziness followed by a clarity of being that supercedes all others.


As you drift through these moments and find yourselves to be more and more clear, you will also be able to comprehend why there is life not only on your planet, but also out there in space where you have only dared to scratch the horizon of understanding. You will be finding yourselves gazing out at the sky on a starlit night, a clear, blue sky day, and on the cloud laden ones that seek to disperse the abundance of moisture accumulated in the atmosphere. In so doing you will be receiving the reflections of your own innate knowledge of what is out there and what is within that is the same. You will know in a moment of time that you know everything about it, and that it is in your choosing to slow down time and individualize that which you intend to bring into your consciousness in that moment.


My dear ones, I Hatonn Am coming to you today in these words to bring to you the wonder of yourselves as seen through our eyes. We see you in a whisper of brightness as it explodes across the sky. We see you in the sparkling lights that glow forth for our perusal and for our communication with you. We speak with each other in the time in between time, those moments when you may feel a giddiness, or a moment of clarity that bespeaks that truth that lies within, undecipherable in the ways of earth communication; completely understood in the ways of the heart and soul as they speak through the feelings that pour forth from your innermost truth.


From this moment on throughout the next events that show themselves on earth, you will note many changes that represent the thought that you may have had moments ago. You may tune in to a thought and see it manifest before your eyes in the next moment. This I speak of is on an individual level as well as on a global scale. Watch for the signs of this immeasurable change that took place yesterday, and marvel at the images that come forth from your contemplation of what has taken place.


I go now and close out this message to all of you, for I see that you have much to do today that reflects the energies that are feeding you this day. They energies of The Creator supply the energies of that which you call forth and in that truth there is completion of the intent that repeats itself in a constant with each moment, each breath of truth that comes from the beingness of all of existence. Go forth and multiply that which you are and experience the totality of the potential that at all times slips forward in time with each breath and carries you forth into the newness of the moment.


Know that you are loved and that as we gaze upon your countenance we do so with the utmost love and appreciation for who you are and what you have done to enhance this experience of the expression of The Creator within each and every one of you. Blessings abound!


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate