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Governance of the Whole


We of the celestial realms are here for all of you to serve the cause of the ascension in which you are involved. This is a task that is unprecedented in earth history and in the history of this universe, for never in the history of this universe has there been a reckoning of such magnitude that is about to be transmuted to the Golden Light that is aspired to in the intent of The Source.


I take you now to the bringing in of the magnificent creatures of Light that are awaiting your return. Through these beings you will find the opening into the realms of Light known as the Great Beginnings. These realms represent the ultimate in potential and as you enter them, you do so with the authority of the Light of Truth from which you came. When you were born from The Creator you agreed to the journey that you would undertake and all of the ramifications thereof. In this agreement was written the failsafe energy that would assure your return to the Light of Truth and the evolutionary completion of this phase of your existence.


What is upon you as you experience the events that are taking place on your planet right now is the coming together of all of the nuances of the negative expression that has rendered itself in life on earth. This expression completes the phase that propels you from itself and into the positive expression, as you would see in a black hole. In other words, as you experience these last spirals of the negative energy you are at the same time giving momentum to the upward spiral of the positive. As this gains in momentum and the upward spiral renders you completely Light, then there will be a coming together of the new phase of Source intent, and that is to be the Earth Angels that you are in the fullness of expression.


What that means for you on a cosmic level is that you will be joining with the Galactic Tribunal and immersing yourselves in the momentum that translates as the birthing of the reversal of the black hole. This spiraling apex of the black hole effect is where you will attain that completeness, and be birthed into the next phase. As you realize that new birthing you will gain the opportunity to be All in the universe and will begin your journey into the expression of that ability. This is a new expression that has been born from the intent that has come from what you have established in this journey through earth time. As you ventured forth into the plan of earth you did so with the idea that you would create anew in the intent of The Creator, Source of all.


This is what we mean when we tell you that you are the creators of your destiny. As you fought your way through the experiences that you brought to yourselves, you set up a magnetic energy that superceded all of the magnetic expression that has come before. That is the nature of magnetics. As more expression is brought into the magnetics, and interacts with the vibratory language, there is a heightening that takes place in the potential of the magnetics and a new paradigm is born.


You are entering into that new paradigm and creating once more that which is fostered from your intent. Because that intent is supported by and created from the intent of the Creator, you are destined to be the facsimile of the Creator, and therefore able to Be as The Creator. You will have capability to create your own universe, one that bespeaks your intent and the manifestation of that intent. The journey through that intent is what you will be entering as this old phase comes to a close.


We send you our highest regards in this coming. We see you as you wind down the old energy and make way for the new. We see you expressing in the idea of who you are not, and entering the new idea of who you are becoming. We see the changes that you are undergoing and we marvel at the fluidity with which you accomplish this.


Realize that as you do this you are rendering all in the realms in which you express the same as the energy in which you are creating. This brings about a new tone in the spheres of these realms, for with the newness comes a language that creates in the intent of what you bring into these realms. You will find that as this progresses life on earth for you will undergo many changes. You may be pressed to leave relationships and begin new ones; you may find that the present relationships will take on new meaning, and you will resonate in a new way with each other.


Your surroundings will suddenly take on a new look and feel, and you will either be compelled to leave for another location, or you will settle into that place more solidly. As life on earth for you changes so too will the topography. You will find that with the changing climates the areas will change and will seem unfamiliar in many ways. This will be one of the reasons for your relocations, or for your remaining, when at one time you may have considered leaving an area.


Your pets will take on a whole different role in your life. There will be a more complete and clear communication between you, and their lifespan will lengthen. There will be an agreement between you that will be in harmony as to the appropriateness for them to remain with you or to go on. There will be no sorrow over this, for all will be in harmony and the understanding that there is never any leaving, merely a changing in the mode and expression of oneness.


Ways of life on earth will change in that the societal systems that exist now will undergo a complete revamping. Everything contained within society will resonate one with the other, forming a complete agreement with all aspects of that society. No more will there be a competitive energy surrounding society; instead all will work as one with the intent in harmonious interaction. All of these changes and more will be coming about, indeed are already being felt.


My dear ones, we have come to you today from the hierarchal energies of the whole. We come in resonance with this one as she has invited our energy for her transmission to all of you. We are in resonance with you and in that, we feel your emotions and we find them to be in the evolutionary representation of Love and compassion. For the purpose of identity you may refer to us as the Governance of the Whole and the expression of the intent of your totality.


We leave this transmission now with the utmost respect for your journey and where it has brought you. You are the vision of your mirror and we see the reflection of the perfection in our eyes, and in our Spirit. Go now into the rest of your days and Be the Beauty that you are, in perfect harmony with the source of all there is.


Thank you dear Governance of the Whole,

Love, Nancy Tate