There has been a great deal written on the subject of the ego, in the religious, secular and spiritual communities.  Many of these writings seem to view the ego as a negative influence and aspect of oneself, when nothing could be further from the truth.  The ego, as with all of your personal characteristics and qualities, is simply another divine tool that you designed to assist you in having this three dimensional life experience.  The ego is not something to be ‘battled’ - as so many people seem to think.  The ego is a part of who you are, and, like any tool - the results it achieves - is based solely upon how the tool is used.
Before you incarnated to have the experience of being who you are right now, you took great care to design the primary personality characteristics, qualities and tools that you anticipated you would need, to have the best chance at fulfilling the intent of your life blue-print for this incarnation.  One of those divine tools was your ego.
You knew that especially in the beginning of your life experience, when you were living unconsciously or sleep-walking, that the world in which you were choosing to enter, was a fear-based society.  This society would surround you with many negative messages, signals and influences - all telling you in different ways...to be afraid.  That you could not succeed.  There was no way to win.
Cue the magnificence that is your ego.  :)
Your ego is the aspect of you that has helped you get through the day, in spite of the numerous fear-driven blockades set up on this world by the Illuminatti.  For example, when you got that new job, you know the one - the job that you ‘hoped’ you could do...but truth be told...weren’t really certain you could do...it was your ego that got you up in the morning.  As you lay in bed on that first day and thought “Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t have taken this job, I don’t know if I can do this..” - your ego jumped in and replied “Of course you can, just get up, get ready, go to work...you can do this...you’ll figure it out...they wouldn’t have hired you if you weren’t the right person...” 
As so it has been, every day and night as you moved through this fear-based world, your ego has been a driving force and support and motivator behind many, many of your successes.  It is a most wonderful aspect of who you are, and it is to be cherished and appreciated for all that it has given you.  What most of you have been experiencing, that you view as some sort of internal ‘battle’ - is the unique experience you have when you awaken to your spirit.
When we wake up and start to live consciously, that is - we realize that we are not physical beings - but spiritual beings having the physical experience...we usually make a very abrupt shift internally to connect and strengthen that connection to our spirit.  This is a good thing.  :)  But in this process, several things occur at once that can be very confusing.
For starters, one of the major shifts that occurs is that we begin to view the world, other people and the Universe - as a loving and compassionate place.  That’s a pretty big difference, since prior to awakening, most of us viewed this world and Universe as a somewhat cold and difficult place to live in.  So, we discover our Self, our spirit - and all the wonderful new things that go with our new perception of reality.  As we alter our feelings, thoughts and behavior to reflect this new reality we have discovered, we realize that the only aspect of our Self that can be ‘in charge’ now...is our spirit.  This is, of course, as we originally intended, but had forgotten within the 3D amnesia process.  Once rediscovered, all of our attention turns to spirit.
Up until now, your ego has been primarily in charge of you and your life.  It has been in charge and responsible for ‘making things happen’ - because you put it in charge.  It has been the ‘boss’.  No one knows you better than your ego does.  And the world in which it has been moving through, as per your perception...has been a very fearful place.  So what does it know and understand the best?  Fear.  It knows everything that scares you, everything that makes you feel insecure or unsure of yourself.  Up until now however, it’s job has been to help you ignore that fear and move ahead.  It doesn’t know the world or the Universe as a kind and loving place, that aspect of you has had no (or very little) feedback or life experience to support that theory.  Of course it doesn’t understand what you’re doing now, and of course that aspect of yourself is going to initially react in the only manner that it knows how to - in fear.  Thus, begins that misperception of the internal ‘battle’.  Since the ego is now afraid, what tool or method do you think it will use to try to regain that control and importance that it held with you for so long?  Fear of course.  That is what it knows best, since that is the primary place of being that you have been living in.  So it appears to ‘sneak up’ on you, to create fear within you when you’re ‘not looking’ - to try to draw you back into old behavior patterns and perceptions - thereby regaining it’s status and value to you.
It’s afraid because he/she is not only being utterly ignored, it is now being told that it is valueless, and in many cases - almost evil.  A thing to be denied and shunned.  This you do to an entire aspect of yourself.  Everywhere you turn you hear...“The ego is bad, put it away in a box and never let it out - it will lead you to fear and destruction”.  What a horrendous thing to do with a divine tool, that if you are honest with yourself, is one of the main reasons you are still here.  Your ego helped you navigate through this fear-filled world and you’re still standing today.  It is this aspect of yourself that encouraged you to try, when all others told you not to bother because you would fail.  When the kids at school teased you and said and did mean-spirited things to you, your ego moved to the front and told you that they were wrong.  To ignore them, you had great value and you mattered and to keep trying no matter what anyone else said.  And what do we do in return for all those years of service and protection?  We suddenly turn around and label it evil, destructive and become ashamed of it.  How would you react to being treated that way?  Would it hurt?  Would it scare you?  Of course it would, and of course it does.  By responding to our ego in this way, we are consciously and intentionally choosing to cause harm to a very important and very valuable aspect of our Self.
What our ego really needs, is to be taught how to play on the ‘new team’ - the ‘love-team’.  Until we awakened, the only team it knew - was the ‘fear-team’.  That was how we viewed and responded to our life/world.  It needs to be re-educated, embraced, loved and taught about this incredible new world and Universe we have discovered.  That takes time and patience.  Most importantly, it takes love, understanding, support and compassion.  Think and speak to your ego as a ‘she’ or ‘he’ (depending upon your gender) - almost like another being within yourself.  Reassure her/him that you appreciate and value all that it has done for you these many years.  Tell it how important it is to who you are and who you will become, and that you know how strange this new experience feels to it.  You understand how frightening it is to no longer ‘be in charge’ or to be ‘the boss’, and ask him/her to trust you in this, until it can see the results that you can create by taking this new approach to life.  Reassure her/him that it matters, it is very valuable (just as valuable as any other aspect of who you are) and cherished, and that it will never be forgotten.  Explain to it that in order to really enjoy life as you (including your ego aspect) desired, all the aspects of who you are must work together and allow the spirit to guide you.  Remember, your ego is a divine tool.  If encouraged, it will remember the original plan you created before you incarnated.  It will remember it’s original intent to support you in succeeding to have the experience you developed in your current life blue-print.  It was only through the natural confusion that we experience within the 3D amnesia process, that this original purpose was forgotten and ‘twisted’ around (with the ego leading instead of supporting the spirit).
There is no battle to be waged with our ego.  It is not something to be shunned or fought with.  By doing so, we are hurting our Self.  If the ego could not support our highest and most divine intent in this life, we would never have created it and incorporated it into who we are in the first place.  As in all things, the best gauge for deciding how to react to challenging situations like this, is to ask yourself one question:  What would love do?
In love and laughter,
I AM Archangel Chiand’ra