Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 16, 2004


All the Children of the World


This is a special call to all the Lightworkers of the world.  Now is the time to embrace all the children of the world and play and sing and dance with them to show them how much they are loved.  I am talking about all the children of the world.   This means starting with those who know they are loved, to those who don't, especially those who are neglected and even abused, for they are the ones who need us the most. 


Just close your eyes and picture yourself standing in a big open field filled with wildflowers, beckoning all the children of the world to come joyously play together in a Circle of God's Love and Light. 


First, select a little child that is of the same sex as you, and pick the child up in your arms.  Mine is a little girl.  She's about four years old and has dark, curly hair and bright, mischievious eyes that are twinkling in the light.   Although she knows that she is loved very much, she shows some signs of neglect, with clothes that are worn and shoes that are a bit small and ragged at the toes.  I am hugging her tight to my breast and burrowing my face into her dark, curly hair and filling her with my love.  It is  easy because she is so lovable and appreciative of my show of affection.  Then it's time to play.  We roll in the grass and pick flowers and play tag and run in the sunlight until we fall helplessly laughing as we gaze at a babbling brook below a snow-capped mountain.  The sun warms our bodies.  Little rabbits and squirrels look at us in bemusement as they go about their day of gathering food for their families. 


Once you have had your fill with this special little child, take a moment to rest, because the next one you share your love with is more difficult.  This little child has been very abused and neglected and has almost totally withdrawn inside himself.  Your job is to take this little child and make him feel just the way you made your first little child feel -- completely full with love and happiness.


Okay.  Are you ready?  There is a group of these neglected and abused children over there, standing by themselves in a most belligerent way.  Although they are only four years old, they seem to have already found out that the world can be a very tough place.  They have faint memories of being held and nurtured and loved, but they are orphans now because of the war, making them extremely angry.  As a result, this group has almost turned into a gang.  They take out their anger on all around them, by stepping on ants, pulling the wings off of insects, putting nails in the tires of other children's bicycles, or anything else to express the rage within for having the love of their parents stripped from them.  Armor yourself with unconditional love, because these little children have been known to attack those who try to befriend them. They are really tough cases.  Notice that most of them are very dirty and have a horrible smell about them because of the disease within their bodies. 


I walk toward the group and pick out one who seems to be the leader.  I figure if I can hold him and make him remember the love he once knew, the others might be more willing to do the same.  First, I do my work mentally to soften the layers of resistance around this child.  I surround him with violet light to transmute the thick layers of darkness around him.  Once the violet rays have done their work, I surround him with rays of green light to start the healing process.   At the point he seems to be a bit receptive,  I come closer and offer my hand to him, which he takes reluctantly.  Then I tell him that I love him and I want to hold him as my little child.  A little tear comes to his eye and I know that I have succeeded in touching his heart, the heart of this little child which has been starving for the Love and Light of God.    It takes some time and effort, but I finally manage to bring him to the same level of joy and happiness and lightheartedness that I did with my first special child.  When we finally are laughing breathlessly by the brook under the mountain, I ask the little boy his name.  He said his name is George, but that I could call him Dubbya.


Get the picture?  His friends are Karl and Tony and Donald and Dick and Colin and Condi.  There are many others, too, so take your pick.  As I said, these are very tough little kids, so it will take time to work with them.  Work with them until the little child becomes totally absorbed within you, at One with you.  Only then may the little child be sent back to his homeland.  Once you have mastered this task, refresh yourself because your work is not done.  The next step is to picture all the abused and neglected children throughout time and transmute their anger and hatred into your Beingness, which is Oneness with God.  Picture yourself one with them.  As you sit in your meditative state to perform this job, picture your face fading into the face of some of the most dreadful children you have known.  Start with Adolf Hitler.  Let his face appear on yours and release all negative thoughts and emotions, transmuting them into the violet flame, until all that is left is that little child who knows he is loved and is one with God.  Release all negativity about this person, the guilt, the anger, the revenge, the shame - especially the shame -- let it go, pierce the darkness until all that is left is a happy child, with a face joyously beaming with the love and light of God.  In this way, we can transmute the darkness for all time as we join in Oneness with God.


"Truly, I say to you, unless you become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.’ ”   (Matthew 18:1-4)


We are all ONE.  Let's all enter the Kingdom of Heaven together!  Namaste.


I AM Elizabeth

Child of God