Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 29, 2004


Where do you find hope?

Where do you find hope, when you’re so tired inside, you can hardly find the energy to breathe - let alone go on living. When you’re alone. Some people are alone in the literal sense, and most are alone in the spiritual sense. Your family and friends do not even come close to understanding your spiritual perspective or knowing - let alone support you in it. There is no one to talk to in your ‘real’ lives, no one that can give you a much needed hug in person.

Where do you find hope, when you can’t keep the water, power and heat on, when your rent or mortgage is overdue and there is no work opportunities in sight. When your thoughts are focused on how you are going to feed your children this day. When you read over and over again, that NESARA is being delayed again and again and again, to give the Illuminatti yet another chance to ‘come into the light’...while the Lightworkers who are responsible for creating the opportunity for the ‘light’ to be here in the first place...continue to die and suffer.

Where do you find hope when within your global spiritual community there is dissension, misinformation and outright bickering. When judgment seems to reign within the very place you seek to escape it. When it seems that those you look to for leadership, no longer believe that it is enough that everyone is doing their best, each in their own unique way, from a place of good intention and love. When the dreaded words ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are bandied about in a manipulative manner, seemingly to facilitate a measure of control over those of you who seek the opposite - your freedom.

You already know that the only true place to find hope is within. But how do you do that? With all the 3D very real problems Lightworkers must deal with in this place in time and space, how do you tap into that power? It’s one thing to say ‘go within - stay in a place of love and know no fear’ - it’s quite another to do so when your children are cold and hungry and they are relying on you to solve the problem. When you are so tired of being alone in this world that you can’t remember why you are hanging on anymore.

It’s an interesting challenge...and an even more interesting answer. Sometimes, ‘going within’ is a greatly misunderstood concept in the third dimensional realm. As beings of light, you are all connected through the God/Goddess, the All That Is. You truly are ONE. And that is a fact that can be easily forgotten. As ONE, ‘going within’ does not mean ‘going it alone’. If you had wished to have this extremely challenging experience in the 3D realm, alone, you would be. You would have incarnated somewhere where there was no one else, or at least very few others to share it with. You didn’t. You came here together. All as aspects of the ONE.

That is why ‘going within’ will often lead you to another person, who is another aspect of the ONE. If you remember that this new person is a part of your Highest Self (the God/Goddess), you will remember that you always intended to support each other in this experience. That support will then manifest itself on all levels - practical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Your experience with this person then becomes a reflection of our deepest, core beliefs within yourself. For example, if you are embarrassed to receive the help you perceive you need, you will block the opportunity, or simply turn down the offer of assistance that the other presents. Embarrassment is merely an _expression of fear. The Illuminatti have worked very hard at keeping God’s children separate from each other. Thus they have instilled beliefs such as the one that says that needing help from another, somehow diminishes your value or worth. Remember, they don’t want you to re-connect with each other and re-discover that you are ONE. They understood what would happen if you all started supporting each other in all ways. The illusion that the world and this Universe is a fearful place would not just crumble, it would disintegrate.

The ultimate reality is that there is no gift given with good intent that is not spiritual. Whether it be a practical gift of money or clothes or food, whether it be an emotional gift of lending an ear to someone who is alone or sad or frightened, whether it be an intellectual gift of sharing and creating new ideas or plans for the future in the Golden Age - all of these are created from the same core energy - that of the spirit. ‘Going within’ includes the understanding that when you do go within, you are automatically connecting with the All That Is...including your fellow beings of light - each other.

And that is where hope can be found.

When you just can’t find a reason to continue, remember that someone else can. Someone else can and will share that with you, if you let them. Freewill is absolute and you can not fool the God/Goddess or the Universe. You may present yourself as being open to receiving help, but if your true, hidden belief is that you shouldn’t need or don’t deserve help - none will manifest. It will not manifest because you have not given it permission to manifest. In other words, you have not given your team of Angels or the person standing in front of you - permission to help you. God and the Universe knows this truth that lies deep within you, and your choice will be made manifest as was promised. None may usurp your freewill.

There are two sides to the coin of life that the God/Goddess has given you. One is to give, the other is to receive. Thus the phrase: You get what you give. This simple statement requires you to learn how to give and receive with grace. Until you remember this fact, you cut your ability to manifest your true power - in half. If you need help, ask for it. Ask the God/Goddess, ask your team of Angels, guides and loved ones that have passed on...and most importantly...ask your brothers and sisters that came down here with you. If you can offer help - do so unconditionally. All that you have was given to you by the God/Goddess anyway, you are merely passing it on as was your original intent when you incarnated. Whatever you give shall be multiplied and returned unto you ten-fold. It is a Universal Law. You all came here together for a reason. It was to experience All That Is from a the third dimensional perspective, to remember how to tap into your true Self - and then share that knowing with the rest of your Self - with the ONE. Each other.


In love and laughter,

I AM Archangel Chiand’ra