Here is a special channeled message from Archangel Gabriel brought to us by Craig Barton.

Stepping into your power
Good day to everyone, and what a glorious day it is.  The smell of victory is in the air and hearts are joining as one once again.  First, I would like to extend my warmest appreciation for everything that you have done and continue to do on your journey toward peace and spiritual awakening for humankind.  My brothers and sisters are in awe of all that you have accomplished in this struggle to bring the light back into balance on your planet.  We stand here ready to assist you with all of your desires, and so it is.
I come to you this day with the perspective of possible realities of your future, and some suggestions that might help you to obtain the individual and group goals you have indicated you wish to pursue.  Since freewill facilitates all possible outcomes through it’s dynamic energy flow, it enables each of us to create unique alternatives that allow the God/Goddess to experience everything in existence.  It is, in fact, the individual perspective and experience that creates all possibilities, and therein - is the infinite born. 
I bring this up today, to share with you how magnificent you are and how vital you are to the God/Goddess.  Do you really realize that you are all co-creator Gods?  I know you have heard this many times before - but have you ever stopped and taken the time to let this fact sink into your emotional body?  This knowing is a critical aspect for you to understand, in order that you may truly know who you are.  Right now, you are evolving and changing at an incredible rate.  If you could see what is happening to your whole Self on all levels, you too, would be amazed.  You are experiencing changes not only on a cellular level, you are changing your past and future DNA, Multi-dimensional Selves, Multi-Universal Self and much more (and you wonder why you are so tired lately!).  I will go no further into defining the fullness of this picture, for it is not linear, and therefore not definable at this time, within this realm.  Just carry the knowledge that you are accomplishing so much more than you are aware of within this moment in time and space.

In this time of increased energies, all of these changes are directed toward one goal, to help you to come into the fullness of your true power.  Stepping into your power is a wonderful thing.  It is also a very different experience for each of you.   While each experience is unique, there are some commonalties of this experience that you share with each other.  This experience has resembled a roller coaster ride for most of you, pulling you in so many directions at once, often with very little financial resources...and yet, you continue to prevail. 

Sometimes, stepping into your power can make you feel almost insignificant, please know that is normal and part of your growth.  You have lived your whole life a certain way, thinking that you were not a co-creator.  It is going to take some time to retrain your thoughts to become one with your inner knowing.  Some days you may feel strong and secure, and some days you may want to stay home and cry.  When you are feeling this way, give yourself a big hug and say ‘Good for me, I'm doing it...I am becoming who I know that I AM.’  Other times, stepping into your power will make you feel very strong and the desire to demonstrate that strength will be almost overwhelming.  When deciding how to demonstrate these multifaceted feelings and thoughts to others, know this - ‘real power’ is an inner knowing that no one can take away.  Real power blooms from one place, that of love and therefore truth.  Sharing your new-found knowledge and inspiration, is never about ‘being right’.  Love and truth stand on their own, and require no defense.  If you find yourself having the urge to put someone else down, whose perceptions differ from yours, please remember that that is an expression of fear - not love.  Love never seeks to cause harm to another, and it is not your ‘job’ to overlay your perception of Universal truth on another being.  Every person is remembering and experiencing Universal truth in exactly the way that is perfect for him/her.  Sharing your perception of truth with another person, is a very different thing than trying to dictate your perception of truth to another person.

Accept your power by knowing that you are a child of the God/Goddess and everything that love is.  Live only in the divine moment of ‘now’.  If you are holding onto emotions and self-judgement about something you did years ago, release them.  When you decide to change your opinion of yourself, you will change the past.  No, you cannot change the experience, but you can change your perspective of that prior event, and love yourself for who you are (and for who you were).  From this day forward, accept the fact that you are learning about you and your connection to your higher self through all of your experiences you have had.  It is about who you are right now and you are already perfect at being yourself.  You will see that as the days go by, you will feel more and more secure of what your heart is sharing with you.  The day will come shortly when you will feel like you can move mountains, and you will just make sure you know where you are going to put them though.  You are on the verge of a paradise that very few can even perceive in these awkward energies.  Take the time to share your vision of your perfect world with your friends and neighbors and get them to contribute to your dream.   There is nothing that gets rid of a lower vibration quicker than Hope and a vision of beauty. 

You are the warriors that have saved the planet from the dark cabals that would rather keep their resources within their elitist group - no matter the cost to the rest of humanity.   Believe it or not, because of you, they are seeing that their vision is flawed.  This is a remarkable change that will be seen over time.  You have agreed to let your brothers and sisters that have become lost in the illusion of darkness, release their ties to this illusion, and return home to the light once again.  This is a glorious time indeed!  Most of you have realized that in your many lives, you were in the same position they are now.  Yes, contrast (not to mention perspective) - is a wonderful thing.   You see, life truly is all a matter of perspective. 
It is an honor to be able to join you all at this time as you become one with Creator once again.  I look forward to further communications with you as we gather to attend the party of the century.  I leave you now to your daily events and I surround you with a cocoon of love.
I love you all,
I AM Archangel Gabriel