Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 26, 2004

Birthing An Angel of The Heart 

My Dear Ones,

Today, my spirit sings with the angels of the lighted realms in celebration of my journey into oneness. My birth is happening now, here with you this day. The freedom of my first breath, fills my heart with an intense expansion of loving compassion. I AM held in the arms of my family, The Angels of The Arch. I sense them all around me. Like that of any new born child, my vision is being allowed to focus. My hearing has improved greatly in both dimensions, there is such beautiful chanting. I AM told to use the chanting as a homing devise, so as not to stray to far off. I am receiving activation energies that will be balanced with comfort and ease thru breath. Trust is so natural here because, I AM HOME. MY HOME.

MY TRUTH. I AM The Heart of Michael. I AM also, a part of each Angel of The Arch, as are ALL of YOU. The message I bring to you today, is from home and family. Release everything that you are, and breathe, relax, surrender to the compassionate love of their embrace. ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER. Let everything you know go. Stop trying to figure out the illusion, for that also, is an illusion. Release it, surrender and, let it go. It is only by doing this that, you will know The Truth of Trust in The Divine. The time has come for ALL Angels to AWAKEN. Go now, within. We are awaiting your arrival with great anticipation and joy. Come home Angels of Light, We have a surprise for you! It's Your Birthday!

Blessings and Thanks to The Family of One for allowing my truth to appear upon this page. You are loved beyond measure.