Morning Wakeup Call Message
January 13, 2004

Blessings dear ones,
    today the universe has given me a gift. I'm not sure if it was from angel, faerie, deva or spirit but, it has been welcomed into my life with loving gratitude. It happened as I left the house, to see my son off to school...I felt the cold air hit my face, it was refreshing. I stepped off the stoop and gazed into the front yard. The frost covered the grass, in a delightful manner, that had taken my dear faerie friends all night to complete. Bless you my little friends, the work you do amazes me...always, full of love. While admiring their artful handy work, I began to greet my day. My blessings fell upon most of which, are not seen by my human eyes. The deva of the wood, across the street, I bless and thank you for all that you have done, allowing me to contemplate your sight. You provide for many who, have carried messages to me from my guides. My loving hawks and doves find such comfort within your trees. A beautiful job you are doing dear one.
    A greeting from the wind, down from the north, was the reminder of my angels choosing this day. Remember us please, we are here to clear your path and comfort your way. you have called upon us, we are here now, just thought you should know. I bless you my dearest friends, my loving companions, for seeing me thru this awakening.
    It was then, I closed my eyes, "breathe my dear child" said spirit to me. "breathe in deeply that, which you have created for yourself to see. Enjoy all the love that is here within the NOW. YOU ARE THE MASTER YOU HAVE AWAITED TO GUIDE THE WAY. WE WELCOME, YOU." I was then filled with the abundance that was promised by my parents. I slowly, became aware of my 3d surroundings. I did not want to open my eyes, for to do so would mean, the busy work of "this world". It was then, that spirit informed me of a gift, a souvenir if you will, to remember this day. when I opened my eyes and looked down, it was there, at my feet, sticking up out of the frozen ground. my gift, from the faery, deva, angel and spirit. A leaf, in the shape of "the heart". with the love of my unseen friends I start this day anew, my gift in hand, I bid a great day to my son.....WE ARE LOVED BEYOND MEASURE, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.
    As always my dear Family of One,  thank you and bless you for allowing my truth to appear upon this thread.