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Wake up Call: Nancy, February 15, 2017


Love and Happiness

I watched a video a few nights ago that we downloaded to our network of a music celebration called Love and Happiness, that took place at the White House in October, 2016. After it was over I realized that the timing of Barack Obama having been president when he was, was in perfection of the symbology of when the second universe was created with the energy of the Mushaba Force going forth and creating the expression of the universe that we live in today.

This is the time when all of us are beginning to reawaken to who we are. We will be going forth and recreating this universe in the way of our experiencing what has been expressed so far, and what is now going to come from our walking forth from what we have learned. Our growth will be a further symbology of how our universe grew to when we came here to earth to begin our new experience in this universe. Oh my! Look at how wonderfully The Creator has helped us to grow and be who we are in the Oneness of Creation. And look at how music has been such a powerful key to our ability to create in the Power of the Mushaba energy.

The morning after watching the concert as I awoke, I lay there thinking of how much I felt about the concert and suddenly I heard the song Sweet Surrender, by John Denver. I felt there was a reason for that to come to me, something related to the message I got from the concert. After breakfast I came to the computer and found the lyrics to the song. To me it is the perfection of what so many of us are experiencing today. It is an example of what we can do to go forth and create our world in a way that speaks of sweet surrender to what our inner voice sings to us in order to live the life that we desire, and know is the one for us that brings us to the Love Essence that is within all of us.


I have today sung the song Sweet Surrender on singsnap.com and you can listen to it Here.


With Much Love!

Nancy Tate