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Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 27, 15


Nancy: St. Germain, I have had several responses to your message yesterday asking what it is you were referring to about the information in pertaining to the funds. Would you please give us more on that subject?


St Germain: I am glad that you asked, dear ones for this is a subject that has been spread worldwide in various groups and to various individuals. It represents the ways in which the funds will be distributed and utilized for the clearing of the widespread needs for the planet in so many ways. This has been being in the pathway for some years now, and because of the persistence of the people involved to stick with it and practice their expressions of believing in the procedures that are necessary in the reconstruction of the earth is so many ways, there will be funds distributed in the first steps to those who have been involved for so long. They have been living their life's purpose in the expression of being involved with this process, and now they are on the threshold of being able to take the next steps in their missions.


This is not to say that there won't be an additional distribution of the funds. It is a matter of the barricades that have been in place being removed as I speak in a procession of behind the scenes events that will one day be brought forward and told to the people as part of the disclosure of not only the truth of the universe but of what has been taking place on earth that has not been made public. The time is coming dear ones, for the truth to come forth. It will be for some of you a joyous gratitude you will feel for the truth to finally be set free. For others it will be a process of believing what they have will have been told, as compared to what they have been led to believe through this lifetime, and so many other lifetimes. Even the idea of multiple lifetimes will be something they will be considering whether to be truth, or more of the fiction that they have felt they are being told.


So, dear ones, when you hear of something that you're not sure of to be truth, just look around you and see how others are responding, how they have been living and how it is speaking itself in their lives. Then more importantly look within yourselves and ask for the inner guidance that resonates for you, and go forward with that. Trust in your own inner voice and then move forward in the power of that and the Love that you feel for all of mankind.


I believe in you. We all believe in you. It is time for all of you to believe in yourselves and walk forward in your truth in a way that can change not only your world, but also the rest of the world as One.


Thank you so much dear St. Germain. I'm sure that will help many people to understand.


Much Love, Nancy Tate